[BUG] Return fire ability is not shown for enemy creatures

It’s not shown in the description. Always a lottery. It’s a bug.

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Return Fire is indicated by the reverse arrow icon in white on top of the enemy target icons.

Hello, thanks for fast response but that’s not true. And yes, i have red previous thread with the same problem. No indicator at all on a creature with RFA. And all abilities should be listed in the abilities list.

p.s. had high hopes for this game got 1000+hp enemies that you need to chew with sniper barrage(repeat,repeat,repeat… same missions with the same creatures each with like 400-500hp). VERY interesting research list! got this wall of text, and that… and the +10% to damage bonus! Seriously? This game is much worse than original xcom and the x-com. Got maximum pack, have some hopes that it will get better somehow and i can finish it one day. Stopped playing it after the game forced me to go to the lair all the way long(i mean the map w/o shortcuts and tons of mind controllers so i cant even run and gun down this boring thing with enforcers). Guys i’m more than 25 years into gaming but i have never played tactical game from some good developer(at least i though so coz original xcom is one of my faves) with such bad balance and overall repetitiveness.

p.p.s. Why don’t sirens spend their will points on mind control? Their pool is like always 30 no matter how high my soldiers will was. And where is the stealth range for my soldier? This game is so guess and try it’s much worse than firaxis game.

p.p.p.s. And game is not hard it’s stupid. Paralyse scilla with a shock rifle barrage? check. Now try to paralyse this thing w/o barrage while 9-10 more creatures are assaulting your team. I don’t want to play this game with 1 or 2 tactics that work for every fight in the game. Had tons of resources team with heavy snipers and i simply fed up with this game. So thanks, mr. Gollop for original xcom, take this money as a gratitude for making this universe but your new game sucks and unbalanced. Hope some1 from snapshot will read it and somehow make this game interesting(will rework all mobs, abilities, tech tree, etc.) but i doubt.