Bit sized campaigns (Mission Packs)

So, with the time constraints in life, something like this really appeals to me:

It looks as though they aimed to condense the power curve of the game into small 8 mission campaigns, which reminded me of some thoughts regarding the lore writing released thus far.

I really think that pheonix point could benefit from having some small mission packs in a similar vein, were stories of individuals are told across missions (one being the 4 from the demo, what happens to them after that mission, does whats his face end up off-ing the rest? etc… sorry, forgot the details)

Just a thought! Might be a fun way to buy time before full release if their are any delays (say if the battle mechanics are balanced before the strategic layer)


It could be interesting to have mini-campains to reveal stories from lore, but I would not expect real-like short campaign.
I would really, really love to have playable stories tho, would pay extra (tho I already bought best version).

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While small campaigns in BBs would be great - they are highly unlikely, as team struggles with development in terms of pushing release date.

I am all for it - in later expansion packs. Even if they would develop STORY further and bring gameplay.

As always, I remind people how laser squad had 7 quite different stories + 12 unofficial ones:
(watch out ZX Speccy downloads)
“The Assassins” - The mission’s objective is to assassinate weapons manufacturer Sterner Regnix. The player will lead a small squad of troops on an infiltration mission, dealing with droid patrols.
“Moonbase Assault” - A small squad must penetrate the Omni Corporation moon base, via the airlocks, and destroy their computer systems.
“Rescue from the Mines” - After a routine mission goes badly wrong, three members of a squad are held prisoner in the Metallix Corp mines. A squad of troops must negotiate the mine complex, free all three prisoners and escape.
“The Cyber Hordes” - A small squad must defend a station from the attack of an advancing droid squad invasion. The base holds seven stabilizer cores vital to the planet’s stability and the droids have focused their efforts on these targets.
“Paradise Valley” - Following on from “The Cyber Hordes”, the destruction of the stabilizer cores has left the colony in ruins and assault ships hover above waiting for the time of attack. To prevent capture of the blueprints for an advanced starfighter, the data has been transferred onto a portable security device and a squad is given the task of escaping from the colony with the device.
“The Stardrive” - A group of mercenaries have captured a stardrive controller. A squad must go to their hidden base and retrieve the device.
“Laser Platoon” - A free for all deathmatch as equal teams are pitted against each other. Large (10-man) squads, with reinforcements arriving frequently, hunt down the equally equipped opposition.

  1. Mafia
  2. Blue Planet
  3. Rescue Rangers
  4. The Aliens
  5. Amazones
  6. Coal Corp
  7. Biowar
  8. Dead City
  9. Saboteurs
  10. The Melter Squad
  11. The Assasins 2
  12. Hostile Takeover
  13. Return To The Moonbase

Similarly, they could also be UNRELATED to main course.

Or even “Laser Squad reboots” :slight_smile:

Would buy em! But much, much later!


Or continue with content similar to the constant update models Fortnite has used successfully (not that I want this game to be a Fortnite but their business model has been wildly profitable)

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Aye I’m loving TLP, but keep in mind that it wasn’t until the (probable) end of the development cycle of their 2nd XCOM game that Firaxis added this feature.

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Looks like I’m necroing another thread.
While I get the appeal of such a thing for the people who like the tactical part of the game, what about those of us who dislike it, and are only in for the strategy layer?

I suppose if it were to come as a post game release dlc or something, the rationality, while not directly approaching your questions might be:
-Relatively easy to design/program? I’m not sure, but if the developers had there own editor to put together custom scenarios, like they’ve been using for the game conventions, it might allow for a relatively easy way to create content.
*I suppose how this might answer your question is that it might simply not affect those who want additions to the base game, due to not really impacting them (say if the hypothetical situation of them being easy/quick add ons was true, thus not taking away from development time from other add ons)
-World Building? Perhaps you spend a few hours perusing this more tactical/mini campaign content. The lore and stories might enhance your base game play through personal references that might appear in the game…say if you had an encounter in the strategic layer that referenced characters from the mini campaigns, and vice versa…

Nothing to really address your concerns, but if it did detract from the base game, I’d agree that this idea would be better off forgotten.