[BB5] Secondary class icon small concerns

Hi again, as the moderator Homer_Morisson said in the pinned post, it’s encouraged to make one post per issue / bug / feedback so… here is another one ;p

The fact we can combine 2 class is really cool. I hope their is some way to actually select traits we can bring from another class latter on, with either a building or a tech / training, cause i’m pretty unlucky with it at the moment ^^’.

Problem is, the class icon, while deployed in mission, is already pretty small on UI. And when “divided” by two for showing the subclass, it became really messy. I’ll love to have two distinct icons instead of the merged one for more visibility. Another solution may be to give them color but i regardless i’m not specialist in ui at all, i’m prettty sure it will render horribly x)

there are two types of trait pathways in Phoenix Point: the class traits, and the personal traits.

The class traits are just that: the traits that every member of that class gets. All Assaults get the same traits, all Snipers get the same traits.
The personal traits reflect that soldiers individual skills and abilities in life.

The only traits you can choose for them are the traits associated with the second class when the soldier multiclasses. That soldier gets all of the second class’s traits.

Your ability to have those other classes to add as a secondary class is dictated by you having the tech associated with that class from the appropriate faction. Those techs are already in Backer Build 5.