[BB5] Bash overpowered?

Can I respectfully (and with deep love for this game) suggest that the bash ability is overpowered in BB5?

I noticed it was pretty effective by accident when a squad member’s weapon got damaged and I tried using it in desperation. It was so good, however, I’ve just played two missions (normal difficulty) without any weapons equipped and just using a combination of ‘dash’ and ‘bash’ and without suffering any casualties.

Bash seems to stun enemies so all you need to do is swarm your opponents: rush up (preferably using dash so your movement is part paid for), get at least one soldier next to each enemy and start swinging. It seems like 100% of the time (at least in the two missions I experimented with) after even one hit they are stunned and cannot take an action on their turn so then you can just stand there cow punching your enemies into pulp while your squaddies chat about their weekends.

Yes, it damages your weapon… so I just did it without equipping a weapon. I captured some video of my last mission to demonstrate this but can’t find a way to upload video onto the forum.

Please see this as stress testing the build rather than trying to pick holes in it - mostly it looks great, really enjoying it!

EDIT: OK, so those two missions mentioned above were against, one, crabmen armed with pincers and grenade launchers and, two, human opponents armed with shotguns (I think). This, er, did not pan out the same way when facing crabmen armed with machine guns and return fire ability as they returned fire on each punch. Also, they didn’t seem to get stunned the way way the enemies in previous missions did - so maybe those first two experiences were weird flukes?

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It is powerful, but I would say it is last resort attack I use. You need to get personal with enemies to punch them and for that you need heavy armors which are expensive. I still prefer basic Ares rifle over Bash. :wink:

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Yeah… and just wait for tritons with sniper rifles and their abilities :wink:

Dash & Bash is an awesome name for an ability, though

Similar to the dine & dash, I think it’s for when your soldiers try to run out on the bill in a fancy restaurant, but then get caught.

Playing on Cataclysm, pretty early game, I also discovered the power of bash. I love it the way it is (because I do appreciate some funny and arguably broken mechanics) but I probably shouldn’t be able to do most of a hive with a bunch of people running around punching all the pandorans to death.

Part of me feels that with Arthron grenade arms being a thing and weapon destruction being quite easy to have happen, fisticuffs do need to remain a semi-reliable option even if they do need a nerf.

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Phoenix Point meets Fist of the North Star