BB1: Graphics - Sniper and Destroyed Rifle

I was well progressed into the game when my sniper was shot at, and his rifle destroyed. At which point, he continued to pose in a “rifle stance” with one hand close to cheek and the second arm projected to support his rifle… …but he was holding a pistol. As he moved, the game got really slow. Long pause, then he’d move one square, long pause, repeat, long pause, repeat, long pause, repeat. Persisted the next round, and the round after. ONLY affected movement of my sniper, other game play and graphics seemed unaffected, and he continued to hold his arm out as if the rifle was equipped.

Then he got blown up (my fault - misplaced a rocket). At which point, he fell down as a rag doll like normal, and game continued to run seemingly error free for all other units. No screen shot, sorry.