[BB1] Bug Report - Movement issues

Playing on a Dell Inspiron 7577 Gaming Laptop with Intel i7-7700HQ @ 2.81GHz & 16MEG RAM

Fort Freiheit: moved a completely unhurt Irena thru the gates & into the niche directly left of the gate as you enter. Next turn, all her moves are completely whited out - cannot move out of the niche.

Also, Heavy’s Jump Pack is very fiddly. EITHER: He jumps randomly cos you’ve accidentally double-clicked on the laptop’s trackpad OR you cannot press the Jump button once you’ve wrestled him into position, without navigating the Jump button so that it sits directly over the spot you want him to jump to. I also have terrible issues getting him to jump to a specific spot on the Tower, despite it being highlighted - to the extent that I gave up.

Hope that helps.