Backers Build 5 Feedback by Yokes... Prepare for TLDR

Remeber Lobstermen from TFTD? They were dreadful with those hard carapaces of theirs, even late in the game. They almost felt like mini-bosses and it’s worth to notice they haven’t got to be the size of building to bring some real terror into mission.
So I agree that Pandorans or any other units could be dreadful and interesting enough with some clever mutations later in the game without necessity of having too much (or any) boss fights :slight_smile:

It makes sense that there would be multiple queens about, you’d expect one at least per continent.

Repetitive bosses do get a bit tiresome however, I’d rather have a hard tactical fight to overcome than a single boss fight that keeps appearing.

Overall variety is good, a few bosses here and there can bring a different kind of challenge, but I wouldn’t want to see too many.

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So guys, just see the queen as a normal monster and no boss - problems solved -, it is not like you would enter a different “queen only room” to fight only her. The queen has just namend boss, because she is the highest tier alien and very unique.
Maybe Behemoth will be more like a “boss” fight, do you seriously don’t want that mission/fight?

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I just found probably one of the reasons my game crashed so many times. Graphic card was in a little better shape but also quite grey near the fan. :wink: So my 7 years old rig just got new life after cleaning this mess.


Next part of feedback. There will be probably one more about items and enemy body parts.

Great in this build:

  • I like that dropships can be damaged


  • show us on site menu how many area scans we can make at once and how many are currently going on, like Explore | Area Scan 1/3 | Deploy | Repair.
  • change the way we search for the bases. Satellite scan is nice to catch ruins, havens etc, but our Bases should be fount in different way - make it more tricky, maybe some missions including infiltration of havens (also independent) and sometimes barter with some haven can lead to revealing special place that locals have heard of - and I really hope that final release will have more than 6 bases around the world

Great in this build:

  • Great that damage during base defence missions now have consequences in strategic layer


  • when selecting building for a construction show us overall number of this building in this base and in all our bases
  • don’t you think that each base should have living quarters (even if some of them could be damaged) just like power generator?


  • when in soldier screen along to swithing soldiers with onscreen arrows or tab/shift+tab combination allow also selecting them with dropdown list (can be limited to current location/aircraft) while clicking soldier icon near his name - cycling between 10 soldiers to swap and check weapons between soldiers of the same class is annoying in longer run
  • increase space limit in soldier inventory - 6 spaces for magazines are too low value, and weight limit will prevent from taking 10 flamethrowers


  • on replenish screen show current resources - it is hard to tell if restocking those 10 magazines won’t deplete our materials or other resources


  • on trading screen include sliders to quicken trade functionality

Tactical/Overall mechanics

  • Well I just noticed that some weapons punch through the objects (I requested it in one of the first posts above), but it is really unclear when it will happen. NJ Cyclops for example can disable one body part on the enemy, destroy cover behind that target and even disable another body part on the next enemy (unless it is a bug it would be nice to have that mechanic explained)
  • When we aim we have clear line of sight at enemy, we confirm shot, and our soldier is shooting cover in front of him… Please fix this by placing camera in real point from where bullets will start their flight. Or just make some adjustments that adjacent cover is not blocking our shots(?).
  • please let us select bare hand for Bash ability (right now we need to unequip all ‘ready’ items. Or even if it should not be possible with 3 ready items then show hand as third option when we unequip just one item.
  • will there be penalties for not wearing class armor? If no then why armors fall under class proficiency filters?

Great in this build:

  • great that scavenging sites now can have big concrete buildings


  • alien bases need those ceiling because of a) grenades and explosives fly there way to easily, b) jet jump should not grant teleportation and c) it will block shots at Sentinels (you can shot at them with sniper rifle above alien base walls)


  • Just realised that on most (if not all) maps you have changed where structures or cilivians spawn. Now they are closer to us and it is much easier to defend them. But I wonder if this should be like that. Shouldn’t we sometimes arrive in the moment when enemy is at the target, or at least half of the targets are close to the enemy?


  • Movement - movement UI shouldn’t let you check where are enemies, as right now it shows X on the ground where enemy is standing, and it calculates route around that enemy
  • Dash – when interrupted by spotting enemy allow to move remaining range without WP cost even in other direction
  • Return Fire - add a stance trigger button like with Stomper legs, it would be great to disable return fire when we want to conserve ammo or there are enemies nerby that have too tough armor for soldier having return fire
  • Armor Break - limit it to only melee weapons

Great in this build:

  • Archangel shooting in straight line - fantastic!


  • make all rocket launchers behave like Archangel and Destiny
  • Shouldn’t armors be heavier? Some sets weight 2 or 3. It is like pistol or rifle. I would say it is quite small amount.
  • grenades (those consumable) should be cheaper and their real range should be displayed in inventory based on strength (str/2), not listed with some predefined value as it is right now
  • unexploded spider drones should go back to base
  • how we will obtain technology to produce independent weapons (or more likely magazines)?
  • all tech for armor modules should be available earlier in the game

Tactical/Units (mostly enemies)

  • Make dying worms also explode just in lesser radius (1 range?). That will make Bashing them not valid tactic.
  • While creating Tritons don’t make their equipment dependant on the nest mutations. Let Tritons from the same nest wield different weapons. And now clue of this point - don’t allow all Tritons on the map wield sniper rifles or shotguns - limit such weapons to max 3 copies, all other Tritons should have some basic assault rifle or even handgun. Currently when you encounter 10+ snipers on the map it is overwhelming and overpowered for alien side. There is nothing we can bring to counter it (unless making our soldiers half-gods and killing most of enemies in first turn, which I’m trying to make impossible with all skill sugestions above) - I suppose only great stealth and high cover

:scream: :broom:

No, it is fine that some rockets follow trajectory and some are just straigt line. It makes the Archangel still different to the other ones.
Rebalancing Armors and Weapons will come, we just have to wait.

Yeah, the way Tritons are generated is not fun, with only pistols it is too easy, if they use all sniper rifles it is very hard. Would be better to mix the weapons they use. Does Tritons also can use heavy weapons? Haven’t seen one, only pistol, assault, sniper and shotgun. If they can use NJ sniper rifles, why not NJ Archangel?

@Yokes I think I agree with most things you’ve said, and I don’t disagree with the rest.

Literally the only thing I maybe don’t agree with is the armour weight - something that you wear is far less cumbersome than something you carry. It’s like the difference between wearing a rucksack on your back and carrying one in your hands.

I strongly agree on bare-handed combat. Every soldier should be carrying a combat knife anyway, so no need to destroy your gun/grenade/medkit beating a crabbie to death!

(by the way, considering English isn’t your first language you write beautifully)

You’re right :slight_smile: Didn’t think about that.

really? Thank you. :blush:

You’re very welcome!

You mention dropships getting damaged. Now I’ve put in an awful lot of hours into PP BB5 but I’ve never had my ship damaged. How does that happen, and what are the consequences?

I’ve also never had my base attacked or run into an alien citidel - I don’t know what I did wrong to be so ignored! :sweat_smile:

Some events and when you evacuate from fight can damage it. I’m not sure about consequences. :slight_smile: Never tried to damage it too much. It repairs for free in the base, or you can spend resources to repair it in the wild. :slight_smile:

To be true I forced an attack on my base. :wink:

About citadels - you can encounter them if you have waited enough with expansion to the other continents and mist zones

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