Backer build is only 64 bit?

I have windows 7 32bit and and clicking on the exe tells me a 64 bit OS is needed.

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Windows 7 is no longer a supported operating system. Only Windows 10 is officially supported at this time.

That said I can tell you it works just fine on my Win 8.1 laptop just fine.


You can try getting win8 64bit as PP runs on it just fine. There should be still some dirt-cheap OEM win8 keys for on ebay.

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Just a question about this.

This requirement is for the Backer build only or the full game also wiill not support windows 7?

I’m a Windows 7 64bit user and not sure if I’m going to update anytime soon.

Officially, we only support Windows 10. This doesn’t mean Phoenix Point won’t run on an outdated OS, but we make no guarantees. It is likely that Phoenix Point will only support 64bit operating systems because of DX12.

Just a question, the BB2 is out? Didnt received any email about

Backer Build 2 is not out yet. Should be early July. We will send emails when it is released. It will also be announced on our website BLOG, social media channels, Discord and this forum.

Thank you!
I suppose If I can’t update in time I always could give a try to linux :slight_smile:

Thanks, thought i Lost something!

I just got this to try on Linux and it doesn’t seem the Linux builds work(at least on Manjaro KDE 64-bit): Linux build failing to load game

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Like every new Win systems 1-2 years post release most of the issues have been ironed out. Win10 is leagues above 8 ever was imo.

And if you arent on 64x yet please join us in 2018 :slight_smile:

Can confirm the current build works fine for me on windows 7


my argument would be why buy 7 in 32 O_o
and its 2018, windows 10 been out a while now

its not hard to get a 64 os

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I don’t understand anyone who expects to play modern/upcoming video games and still is on 86x… Same for people on Linux who then complain they can’t play “x”. I’m sure devs want to support as much as possible but it’s not always feasible.

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Yup its all 64-bit.3D engine is, so everything else needs to. Bye, bye 32-bit world!

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