Melee weapons too powerful


Don’t you think that melee weapons are little bit too powerful? Probably it is some placeholder right now, but if not, then current melee weapons are more powerful than rifle or pistols or pdw. You can easily hit and kill or disable most of enemies with just one swing.

I know that use of melee weapon should be in some way rewarding, because otherwise no one would be using them, but still blow with stun rod seem to me overpowered. Maybe it should be less damage and stun effect or good amount of damage but without stun? Infinite use of electrical strike also seem too powerful. It may be with such high damage output but limit it for couple of uses. Or if it will have infinite uses then maybe lower the damage?

And what if stun rod will have more than 1 use per turn? It would be more powerful than grenades, pistols, sniper rifle, and almost as good as automatic weapons vs low armoured enemies (and better vs well armoured).

Right now you can go to alien base with team of soldiers using stun rods and make your way to the queen without single shot.

What do you guys think? Am I overreacting? :slight_smile:


Stun will not have 100% chance to work once fully implemented. It will depend on enemy health.


Ok, but I think that even without the stun effect melee weapons should not be used as main weapons. Their role should be more like support equipment to finish off the enemy along with ammo conservation, or not?


Well you still have to get in close to use melée weapons, they also trigger return fire - so there are risks involved. But as you said yourself in the original post, it’s all placeholder until balancing starts once the game is feature complete.


add to that we have very few enemies thusfar. at best, we’ve got early game here. add to that there’s likely to be a hell of a lot more of them around later too. sure you can instantly kill a crabman with one shot… good luck taking down twenty of them in melee before they turn your trooper into chunky salsa.

and attacking the BIG stuff with melee is kind of suicidal.


Not unless you stun lock them. But well this will change.


Main reasons for melee weapons in “real” world, stealth and sod all ammo left!