Arkham 1.8 EGS patch issues

It doesn’t seem to me really minor :wink:
I got Lairs around 20th January and Citadels/Scyllas close to the end January.

But honestly, I like it, now I know that I can go on with Veteran and the game reacts to my performance.
I like to get more SP per mission, non naked recruits and overall lesser Pandoran activities, but I also enjoy to have some challenges.

Sorry Mad, but it’s not about how far you get, it’s about whether everyone else keeps up. Keep in mind.

It’s probably worth mentioning that this is a game where taking casualties impacts the difficult of the missions. Dead soldiers and injuries helps in keeping the difficult down.

I even lost Sophia Brown!

I don’t think this is the case any more, as the DDA in that iteration was scrapped. But the devs did say that being aggressive (doing more missions) accelerates the Pandoran evolution. Which makes sense because doing more missions increases PX capabilities.

However, we don’t have reliable data on this, only subjective player comments like “I think the Pandorans evolved faster because I aligned with the factions too fast”.

Thus why I ask that players say on what date they get the first Scylla in the evo report and what difficulty they are playing on, to see what kind of variation there is.

No problem, I already know what it’s about :wink:
It seems to me that the Panora evolution is progressing too fast if one actively does a lot of missions.

I just tried a kind of fast run-through, no missions actively started, but explored everything that was to be explored. I only had 2 base defenses and 3 ambushes, no other missions. Scyllas were just announced on February 18th, Lairs towards the end of January. So much later than during my active run.

Edit: As always on Veteran difficulty.


OK, so it is confirmed: more missions, faster evolution. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you Mad, as always very clear. For Lvl Legend it is almost a bit too far. The game is so unbalanced that no one wants to play higher levels unless you are a community councillor and have a direct line to the developers. Keep in mind that scavenging missions have become so absurdly strong that I almost always skip them. Not because I can’t do them, but because they keep sending enemies without a break, like in Matrix 2, to make it even harder. Defense missions are far better and easier than such crap. Who came up with that? hmmm, probably someone who thinks everything is too easy. Such missions used to be a pain in the ass, now they’re gone. Ever played? Scanenging mission in Veteran? I don’t mean in Legend, that’s too stressful. Citadele with lvl 1 weapons almost impossible. That’s where we are and we still think the game is that easy. For newbies a nightmare when I add LotA. Who is responsible here for? the players? The developers? You tell me.

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I think you don’t mean me with the question, but since I only play veteran I answer anyway :wink:

In my normal run I do them, but only when I have an Aspida. I use these missions to capture as much Pandorans as possible and it worked out nicely. Resources, Equipment and capturing many Pandorans in one Mission without to hurry up.
But I also know that I am not the benchmark for this level of difficulty, so my statement is of course not helpful for players with less experience.

Edit, becuse reading too late:

Somehow yes, but the rest of the Pandorans are quite evolved, some even further than in my “normal” run. E.g. I already have Tritons with Piranhas in this fast run, but not in the other one. Also heavy MG Arthrons and such are evolved, they all are almost the same.

It seems that the evolution of the Pandorans themselves is not influenced much, but the “milestones” like when Lair, Sirens, Chirons and Citadels, Scyllas are coming up.

Of course not, you were not meant. You have a lot of experience and can judge things more objectively. The game doesn’t move in the right direction if you don’t have experience or patience. This “Quick, quick we have to do something doesn’t help the game.” Too bad. I had high hopes.

Sorry if I get a bit touchy, but where is your data for this? All each of us can speak to is our own experience, or at best what we read/hear of other individual player experiences here.

According to the devs, a while back their stats showed that most players (+70%, IIRC) play on Veteran, and about 15% on Legend, the rest on Rookie and Hero.

Because you’re a smarty pants. Which ones played through it and which ones quit early? Can you tell me? I’m sure you can’t. Nobody cares about that either, right. The main thing is to start a game in Legend. That’s great. Read the comments of the newbies in this forum to understand where the problems are. You can’t expect more from the players.

Honestly, they are not really quick when it comes to balancing, they take their time and it gets better slowly. Remember the first iterations with the dynamic difficulty and it’s insane spikes? Compared to that I think it is balanced much better now, in my opinion at least.

We all need to be patient because I believe that it is not easy to balance it so that it is fun for both beginners and experts. It is always a tightrope walk and everything has to be constantly weighed between these two extremes. I honestly have respect for the developers for at least trying to square the circle.

I think that you mean me because I gave numbers for this once in CC but seems like you remember it wrong. 70% Veteran is correct but the rest is not. The Second most played is Rookie, third is Hero and almost no one plays legend.


Thanks for the clarification. Just one question, according to which criteria are the difficulty levels created? Player feedback or analytic?

That’s was about the same with me too on the same level.

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That is not something I can reply as I am not a designer. But most likely both.

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How can I unlock telemetry data in the game? Never activated it. Just because I use something doesn’t mean it’s better or worse. Just that it is a possibility. Nothing more. Thanks Valygar.

Options - gameplay - collect anonymous telemtry. It is on by default.


It couldn’t be better, from now on you have my telemetry data and my “stupid” comments. Pick something out :slight_smile: Please take only the better :wink:


Very interesting, as I said, in my “normal” campaign I do almost any mission as they come up, all heaven defenses that I can reach in time (lost only 3 heavens at this time) and only delay scavenging missions until I had an Aspida. Time ingame is 14.02.2047 and as I said, 3 Scyllas killed in 2 heaven defenses and one by clearing a Citadel. They were introduced end January or very early February, so around 3 weeks earlier as in the run where I almost deny any mission except the ones I can’t like base defense and ambushes, in total 5 missions until Citadel and Scylla are announced (18.02.2047).