Anyone got a new strategy guide?

It looks like most guides come from older versions.

I feel like I’m having a hard time defending the whole world. Only on Veteran. Probably about mid/late game?
I have currently 5 crafts:

  • Starting Manticore.
  • Thunderbird (stolen)
    *Helios (built)
    *another THunderbird (stolen)
    *Tiamat(built), working on filling it

I currently have 12 bases, with everyone having a satlink at this point, and the majority having medical/living bays.

Even with all this, I still feel like I’m often too slow. I’m struggling with getting enough resources to do everything I want, which may be due to me buying too many bionics early on, but I honestly didn’t get a whole lot only maybe 4 or 5.

As I expanded out I “skipped” bases, this way I can focus on getting them all built with medical and living quarters so I can rest anywhere. But there’s still too much space between them, sometimes a haven is destroyed simply because I can’t reach it, and I struggle to get enough resources to activate another.

Almost every exploration node is done, I’m working on a few more but it’s slow with having to deal with attacks and clear nests; probably some more hidden where I don’t have sat coverage but likely will give less than it costs me just to activate the bases and get the scanning online.

Any big tips? I’ve done numerous raids on NJ for supplies and tech, probably the biggest source for me. But now most if their havens that have useful stuff are destroyed, and raiding the same one too soon hits me with stronger forces due to the alert level going up.

Actually, the only resource income is raiding and defending havens. Also you can raid the same haven several times and dont need to take care about the alert and dangerzone at all. It works best, if you use APC and 5 soldiers, these APC, especially the New Jericho version, can take many hits and have strong armor.

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That’s not true, trading resources is a bit tedious but you can’t make anything wrong and always a nice plus if you stick to these 3 basic rules:

  • tech from Synedrion
  • materials from NJ
  • food from Anu

For instance, on NJ heavens you can trade 6 materials for 4 food and on Anu heavens 6 food for 4 materials. So if you invest 400 food and 400 materials you end up with 600 food and 600 materials, +200 of each only by visiting heavens to trade.

Yesterday I finished my play through and didn’t raid any heaven but do as much trading as I can, sometimes on every heaven I come across when I fly to a specific POI.

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yeah, but the trade cooldown is way too long and the quantity they are trading is way to low. If you send some caretaker, that take care of there resources, you will get ~1000 materials + weapons + XP. My highest output so far as lootable material packs was 1200 (12 packs). Usually, you can end these raids in 5 and lesser rounds.

I don’t know if it is intended, but actually, factions you are at war with, are not attacking your bases. But if faction declare war to another faction, you can see suddenly 100 haven in danger popping up.

Sometimes its better to take their aircrafts for a peaceful world. I don’t know if they rebuilt them, but it looks like that they don’t get new air crafts, only these starting ones.

And do you like this mechanic?

Yes, why not?

I don’t see the trades as an exploit or abuse, because you sell something that these heavens not have and buy something that they have too much of. So I think these different prices with a profit for the trader are pretty logical.

For the gameplay I think it is also not a big deal, see @Tam’s post. You have to invest a bit of time for travelling and you cannot fly for ever between two or three heavens to trade because they have to reproduce the resources. It is easier to simply raid the heavens (what I not do because for me personally that is not the job of Phoenix Point).

Establishing stable Diplomacy should lead to strong barter channels = “market caravans” = automatic replenishment of mater / tech / food for PP.
Distance = Time of resource crediting.
Caravan attack = missions to rescue people and vehicles.


huh I didn’t know about the trades having different ratios.
Still, as was said the amounts are far too low. I am SWIMMING in food, spent most the game with 2000-3000 and after getting some food plants have since stayed in positive daily production (typically +4)

So when I can, I buy out everything a haven has that’s not food using food, and it’s still not enough, usually less than 200 of their resource.

Raiding has been good, but I’ve just pretty much run low on targets, unless I want to start pissing off Anu and Syn; I am already allied with both, got that last stage reward, so hypothetically I can afford to lose some just as long as I don’t go below 75% to lose their research rewards, right?

Well, you can take an empty fast aircraft and fly it anywhere. This game mechanic actually rewards you to do a monotonous job.


  • Fly to any Haven point
  • If Anu trade for food
  • if NJ trade for material
  • if Synedrion trade for tech

Loop until Infinite

Do you got what I mean by that?

Not exactly, so what do you mean? To boring? Game braking?
First yes, second I think not as you have to do this job and it is really monotonous and boring when you do it for a while.

I personally would like it when there was any better way to gain needed resources other than raid or trade. The heaven defences and POIs alone are not enough.

A bit of both at the same time, if you use it systematically.

Edit: The thing is: the game rewards you for this “farming”.
Perhaps it was “one” of the reasons why food production is now only possible with Anu Research.

And here I’m mostly complete on the opposite, because the alternative, raiding heavens for resources, is for me way more something like ‘rewards for farming’.

I never said that raid missions are better alternatives. They are even more worse with too little diplomatic consequences.

Ahh OK, now I get your point.
But trading is still the only peaceful form of ‘farming’ ressources that doesn’t hurt the heavens. And in my philosophy of this game PP should not go hurt them, than save them and repeat till no end only to get resources.

So we need something better, maybe more rewards for missions or why not a nice ressource bonus from all factions when you take out pandoran bases.

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It is nice that PP allow you to get resources on peaceful and evil way.
Trading has his flaws or is boring if you do it efficient. Raid and Steal missions are almost without diplomatic consequences. For Example: I would guess that most of experienced players don’t build an aircraft, they still it. But I personally steal it not because I want to play the evil way. It is just more efficient.

I consider myself an experienced player and only stole an aircraft once, just for a test. I like to play on the “moral” side. So I guess that makes me the minority of the experienced players?


Maybe? Or maybe not?
The thing is: it is your personal moral self-restriction. It manipulates the outcome of „using“, like the self-restrictions on skills from many here.

Like I said: „I guess“
We need some more opinions to prove it. @noStas could you make please a vote diagram? :slightly_smiling_face:

The same. No raids ever.

I think the charts do not show their effectiveness when the number of voters is low.

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Thank you
I opened a vote.

Vote: steal or build an aircraft?