Anyone else feeling a tad OP?

Yeah. It should be like that, but base inventory don’t check that limitwtion, so we can exploit it.

I saw players putting there GL, Shotgun and SR at once. Not strange then that they think the crabmen don’t pose any threat. They can smear them all over the place. :wink:

My standard load out out is GL, Shotgun, and either medkit or pistol. If I get a second tech, then probably cutting out medkits, too, as they’re way less effective. I’ve even strongly considered ditching auto turret, as well. Basically, if it moves, it’s dead. If it doesn’t move… I pick it up and kill it, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do believe they’ve already said that collateral damage will be a thing. Also, these mission maps were intentionally made smaller than normal, which is where these 10 crab ambushes come from.

As always, while it’s good to have concerns, it’s really too early to try and talk about balance right now. When we get to beta, and almost all systems are solidified, that’s balance time.

I think I might start self-imposing that as a limitation then. Be interesting to see how the game plays out with a less runaway squad - fun as smearing bugs all over the walls can be :ghost:

I’ve got a feeling that between Faction Warfare, Crabbie Pattie making, and having to have What I feel like will be upwards of a dozen squads to command just in order to have actual global response time down to a point where you aren’t losing a haven once a day, that and the fact we’re battling LvL1 mutations and boss mobs, that this might be one of those games that puts a few gray hairs on ya…

Maybe don’t use explosives? Explosive weapons are borderline cheats, and since you spam them, of course it’s too easy.

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Quite dead thread related to Backers Build 3, but well. Remember that explosives won’t be accurate as they are now. :slight_smile: So I think their effectiveness will decrease significantly. And if the cost of each missile or grenade drum and their production time will be high enough then player will use them as last resort. There also will be penalty for destruction of environment sometimes, so I suppose we will try to minimize collateral damage. :wink:

Could you elaborate? Are they introducing aiming to explosives as well?

I thought LongWar1 did them rather excellent, allowing for a degree of certainty, while not making explosives 100% reliable. Vanilla XCOMs suffer from making explosives too reliable and missions too short to introduce resource management. From what I saw of PP beta the similar issue seemed to be present (though even with current system, with ammos and rockets being physical items to be purchased/manufactured it might be limited resource on a strategic scale).

Of course. Just look how Scarab is firing its rockets or how Chirons spread their bombs.

EDIT: I just hope that missile launcher from independent soldiers will have straight line of fire instead of arc, but still with some spread. Like it was in promotional video back in fig campaign in 0:48 (but well in 0:17 it had arc… :frowning: ).

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Ah, checked recent gameplay video and it is indeed a case. As UI hasn’t changed (no indication of how spread it is) I missed it before.


No problem. That indication would be helpful :smiley: