Antediluvian rare material evolutions appearing when they've never had rare materials

I’m in a game at the moment where the Pandorans have started fielding upgraded untils based on the special antediluvian mining locations special materials.

Only issue is the Pandorans have never controlled any of the mining locations to have any of these materials, and appeared to have been able to research these upgrades prior to any locations even being excavated.

Maybe this is due to the Pandorans controlling some of the locations before I discovered them - makes sense in the arms race of research they might get there first - but they still would have to deal with the guardians. As the guardians are still there for all the sites I haven’t taken it’s fair to say this isn’t the case (or this is another issue where they can bypass the guardians?).

This doesn’t seem right. And yes they are not just researching the upgrades - they are fielding them.

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I have never (so far) been that deep in the game / recently purchased Ancients pack, and honestly while I like the new weapons, its sooo hard to harvest enough materials, I have practically gave up. I use get new design missions just to boost 50 SP, and I find that satisfying, especially for new soldiers.

I wonder what new Pandoran feature designs are these, if possible - could someone screenshot them in action or evolution details page at best?

The appearance of LOTA Pandorans is completely unrelated to what the player does.

You can forego doing any research into the antediluvians, excavating any ancient sites, etc. they will still begin to appear in missions.

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Fair enough it’s how it works right now - but I completely disagree with this mechanic being so ham fisted in application.

Units like the Umbra Arthron seem a little crazy in the first place, but to throw them at the player when the Pandoran has no reasonable way of gaining access to the Protean Gas makes no sense.

There’s a lot of options to make this better - but if it’s left as it is it makes this entire mod almost not worth turning on.

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Its general feeling that last game part mutations are raising the challenge but without proper response in our arms, skills and armor. We need either more items, or unlimited HP scale to respond at least partially. Its understandable idea is to make end game harder, but its done a bit over the top.

I get making it harder - ultimately you want to be challenged. The Umbra Arthron doesn’t make you feel challenged - it makes you feel cheated.

The damn thing pops up with 500HP, usually within single move melee range (in my current game I’ve found 2 of these guys in a nest - so there right on you when they spawn) and able to kill a soldier in a single turn. Dealing 500 damage with over watch is a highly situational ability to prevent what is almost a guaranteed kill on a unit. Can’t cripple it’s limbs either - for whatever reason it has no distinction of appendages.

Maybe that’s a fair incentive to ensure players are spending the time to guard their protean gas fields (basically punishment for not defending the thing), but fielding multiple of these damn things in a single map when they have no right to have a single one in the first place is just cheating the player on multiple levels.

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there have been complains on Umbras before. Seems they even have shadow step (can pass through over watch)

Maybe its time to ticket for replacement