Ancient weapon mission crossbow

tried this mission several times. there is a chair on the spot where to gain mission complete. cant destroy it.
sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Check this post, there some advices on how to deal with it :

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When I started Legacy of Ascient cristal crossbow mission I have noted chair on blue square so I could not enter this square and collect price. Mission still reapeated with this same issue. Any one knows solution for this ? - please

today I will try Ur solution - Thx for tip. I will report if it will work

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OK. Checked : Hell Cannon works also Pitagoras or Raven on lvl 7 Sniper/Infiltrator
THX for help

Also the basic Anu pistol works (I forget what it’s called)

thx - but still developers should fix it


thanks i will give the cannon a try on the chair. Really annoying issue