"An error has occurred while loading the game level"

I’m in a defense mission and my saves inside it keep getting corrupted giving me the error mentioned in the topic which then makes that saves useless. I’m trying to save in different slots but the saves keep getting corrupted every now and then it’s very frustrating


Can you try hitting F12 when this happens? This (if it works) will send the save data to the developers so they have information to reproduce and solve the issue. It may not get solved for you, personally, but they will hopefully be able to roll the fixes into a patch sometime down the road for all users.

Will do it next time, thanks

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I had a similar problem a few days ago:

Just yesterday I had the same bug I suppose. Did the scylla have either or both of these abilities: monstrous leap or death beach? First one enables it to leap and second spawns multiple mindfraggers when it dies.

The mission was New Jericho haven defence with generators. I started that mission three or four times and every load just hanged (couldn’t play for long time so I had to save and come back later). I finally had time (goodbye sleep) and managed to play it through one go.

EDIT: ah, ment to answer for Icemann, sorry Grold!

When it happened to me, I killed the Scyalla before it got a chance to do anything. With the right squad you can completely destroy those things quickly.

I’ve fought them multiple times now, and it only happened on that one mission so I dunno what the deal was with that one.

I think this is what’s causing the loading error

[ERROR] 3848 (41.231): CHECK/REPORT PREVIOUS ERROR!!! Broken coroutine call chain:
Crt: Base.Levels.Level+d__38 ONU: ThisFrame SNU: ThisFrame
Crt: Base.Levels.Level+d__45 ONU: Monitor SNU: ThisFrame
Crt: Base.Levels.Level+d__37 ONU: Monitor SNU: ThisFrame
Crt: Base.Core.Game+d__42 ONU: Monitor SNU: NextFrame
Crt: PhoenixPoint.Common.Game.PhoenixGame+d__67 ONU: Monitor SNU: Time 00:00:00
Crt: PhoenixPoint.Common.Game.PhoenixGame+d__64 ONU: Monitor SNU: Time 00:00:00
Crt: PhoenixPoint.Common.Game.PhoenixGame+d__65 ONU: Monitor SNU: Time 00:00:00
Crt: PhoenixPoint.Common.Game.PhoenixGame+d__62 ONU: Monitor SNU: Time 00:00:00

Managed to avoid getting stuck. It seems that the scylla had issues when it’s included in the save game. Try to damage the scylla enough until it leaves the level. You should be able to finish the area without the scylla.

Scylla definitely has something to do with it. but I shot and killed scylla during the mission, and the game save is still stuck.

In later game scylla won’t leave, your only option is to kill it with a lot of fire power.

Yea, that sucks. Only option in that case is finish the mission without loading

Be sure to send through a bug report of that occurring and what led to it.

I had it happen to me today from killing a Scylla, and sent through a bug report soon after. Hopefully be fixed in the next patch.

I have the same problem it’s very unpleasant it’s at the mission where I spent over an hour. When will the repair of this? or else it works for you?

Hey at all. Had the same Problem. This works for me.

This is just a workaround but try it out. I verified it: killing scylla with and without mindfragger appearing. No mindfragger = no load problem