Allow Soldiers to Shoot from Vehicle Vision Slots

This game is giving me that delicious Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel vibe and in this game you could, in some maps, also roam around with your squad safely shooting from within the vehicle. Depending on the size of the vehicle, more or less vision slots to shoot from would be available.

If Balance would be an issue, just lower the to hit percentage when shooting from a vehicle vision slot. And lower the to hit percentage even further when overwatch shooting from a vehicle, unless ofcourse, in both cases, the vehicle remained stationairy, then no penalties occur.

You could opt that units cannot shoot or overwatch when the vehicle moved full range.

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Shooting from visions slots is not available since vehicles probably need to be tightly sealed to have it’s own atmosphere - to avoid infection from the virus.


C mon they should get on top like on WWII tanks and have the MG42 machine gun (or M60 in NATO, M84 in ex-YU which are just developments of the same >:-)

I elsewhere suggested that soldiers other then driver should not be so passive while transported. It would be nice if some of them (one to keep the balance) could be used from tank/hover/Armadillo top and could replace turret.


there is a module that can be added to the armadillo that adds a cupola that a soldier can shoot from. I’ll try to find the image.

Okay I was mistaken. With UV’s help I found the image and it is actually Stoller standing on the Armadillo with a door open. A door that I did not know existed.

If you want to see the image, here it is


Yokes, how does that even makes sense. Apart from your units already being infected by the virus, there’s nobody else in the Armadillo except my already infected units. The backdoor of the vehicle opens every time somebody boards or leaves, which completely removes your argument for it needing to be/remain tightly sealed.

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I think this might make vehicles really OP, though. I mean, even with aim/overwatch penalties, vehicles are so heavily armored that your troops are pretty much invulnerable inside them. Add to that the vehicle’s ramming ability, and you would have no reason whatsoever to keep your troops outside and risk them if they could fire from inside an APC. The game would become more vehicle combat than squad tactics.

However, I think maybe attachments, like giving the Armadillo a gunner’s compartment at the cost of some armor, might be a good balance. For instance, you could reduce the Armadillo’s armor rating from 5 to 2, but in return you would gain a compartment that allowed one unit to hang out and fire as the vehicle moved.

I think the OP’nes (hehe :stuck_out_tongue: ) can be remedied by giving the aliens more anti-tank weaponry. That way, if you choose to load all your soldiers into your APC and it gets hammered by an alien destruction squad; you’re pretty much fucked.

  1. So you think that only infected individuals tend to use Armadillo?
  2. Maybe there is an airlock disinfecting all that come aboard.
  3. One argument which can be in your favour is that soldiers usually wear armour which protects them from virus, but again it doesn’t negate additional protection which vehicle can and should provide.

This is about Phoenix Project vehicle called Scarab.

Development on the Scarab began in 2025 with the objective of providing secure all-terrain transport for crews heading to remote Phoenix bases scattered around the world. The fuel cell powered vehicle would be fully automated with a contained atmosphere capable of accommodating eight personnel for a week without exposure to the outside. Radiation proofing and graphene mesh armour promised amazing levels of protection.

Taken from here: PP design

So maybe NJ vehicle has similar feats.

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Allright, interesting. I have not had any time to read up on the lore. But that being said, it’s reasonable to assume that all soldiers are infected? This is what the intro vocals lead me to believe at least. And if I’m wrong, point 3 you mentioned, could be a proper argument as to why the vehicle can have open slots to fire from.

The way in which the vehicle opens up the back and closes again does portray some kind of inside vacuum, so point 2, might very well be a valid one as well. Not sure if that, including 4 or 8 people, would actually all fit inside the armadillo though.

technically only three of them are infected. The heavy is faking having the infection because of his orders. The backstory for the Fort Freiheit mission is in Briefing #3.

As for the seating capacity of the Armadillo, I believe the one in the current backer-build can only seat 4, but don’t quote me on that. There is also six wheeled version that can seat more.


The particular NJ soldiers in the Backer Build - the “Freiheit Four” - are infected soldiers hastily assembled into a suicide squad (possibly excepting the Heavy). NJ soldiers being infected is very much not the norm - NJ’s response to infection is to lock the people in question into hermetically sealed cells, dehumanize them by referring to them as numbers rather than names, and possibly experiment on them.

So, yes, it makes sense for the Armadillo to be sealed - it’s not really expected for NJ personnel to breathe contaminated air.

Like Kings_Rook said, more info can be found in Briefing #3.

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Technically you CAN shoot from an armadillo, as the mechanics currently allow you to exit, use 50 actionpoints and enter again. To me that’s like shooting from inside the armadillo with only 50 actionpoints available. I like to give J.P Richter the machinegun when doing this, as he can exert himself to use it. To exploit this is key when doing the challenges from the guide.

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yeah I’ve been doing that, but it feels a bit cheesy tbh.

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that isn’t technically shooting from inside the armadillo. If you were shooting from inside the armadillo, the armadillo would protect you from return fire in all directions. if you get out, then return fire can hit you from behind the armadillo.

Not a fan of the idea over all. Real world militaries have dropped it for a number of reasons. NBC/CBRN protection, field of fire, and logistics as examples.

Modern APCs have NBC/CBRN protections, the simplest being negative pressurization. firing ports mess with this to the point of no longer working.

The field of fire on a firing port is quite low. It can be quite easy to into the blind spots of a firing port.

and logistically, you need specialized weapons designed just to be used in a firing port as the buttstocks on standard weapons actively hinders the field of fire.

For these sorts of reasons militaries have gone for dedicated remote weapons platforms to serve the same role as firing ports.


Space Marine Rhino’s use it so technically speaking, saying it’s illogical is heresy. Somebody call an Exterminatus. But seriously though, reducing the field of fire from such a vision slot seems like a great counter-balance to something that might potentially be overpowered.

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Whilee it sounds like fun I don’t think the balance is there. A single remote weapon is the best of both worlds imo.

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