All PP bases have only two rock blocks now?

Third base base quickly found (Legendary) and all have only two blocks of rock. It smells a quick fix to avoid empty hole that can’t be used. :slight_smile:

But if you ask me, currently it’s a fine design feature, this part needs more design thinking an tuning. Currently the Synedrion energy research break any meaning of choice related to energy management. And even without it, the number of base tend break all choices related to energy. It remains only some thought and choices about some elements with local effects, and some choice and elements and protecting base from attacks.

Even with only 2 blocked areas in a base that you can’t construct on, you can still get stuck with a blocked buildable square. If they are diagonal to each other in a corner, the corner area is also blocked.

I restart a game if my home base has that problem. I don’t know why there has to be any unbuildable areas anyway.