Added content we can't afford, trading got nerfed


  1. You added very expensive khaos equipment.

  2. You nerfed trading by taking away any meaningful amount of material at strongholds, can’t afford #1.

  3. The game didn’t change at all otherwise.

  4. Made it so the reinforcements call is absurd. 10th mission I had two guys doing reinforcement calls. HUH? pulls out tier 1 weapon riiight.

Please test your game before releasing expansions.


Once you do kaos missions the cost comes down

There are 4 in total, and after doing all for a kaos buggy cost is about 450 materials

In the 1.14 patch that came out with Kaos Engines DLC we also did these changes:

  • Increased material and research rewards from Geoscape exploration and encounters events by approximately 25%.
  • Increased material rewards from researches by 25%.

Outstanding work and quick service (it was probably already planned before my post, sorry for posting if that was the case)!

Thanks Snapshot!!!