About randomness of bullet trajectories (with math!)

Hi all,

I am researcher in AI and a PP backer, though I cannot play the beta yet as I am using a Mac.

When reading a few comments from the forums, I noticed a recurring discussion about the randomness of bullet trajectories. Apparently, there is some kind of bell-curve at play that is centered on the radius of the yellow circle (in free aim), rather than in the actual center of the circle.

This raised some confusion and sparked some debated between team 1 (all shots will head toward the yellow circle!) and team 2 (unless you do that, you get unnatural accuracy!).

As for me, I got nerd-sniped :slight_smile:

It took some time, but I think I may have worked our most of the theory behind it, and as a plus I found a way to control the sampling so that the resulting probabilities follow a highly customizable and (hopefully) widely acceptable pattern.

I probably ended up reinventing the wheel (the devs are likely doing something similar), but in the off-chance that I found something new I’ve set up a small git repository and a (long-ish) pdf file which explains the goal and the process.

Long story short: both teams are right!

  • High probability values should appear close to the center of the circle…
  • …But when you need to generate trajectories, it’s important to make use a roughly bell-shaped distribution

Plus: knowing the theory means that the process can be tightly controlled to reach exactly the desired results.

The file can be find at https://github.com/lompabo/pptrajectories/blob/master/README.pdf