A few bugs in LoA

I run at 4k ultra with a 2080ti. The movies all flicker (and cinematics, opening movie and the load screen with the aircraft landing). This is my 3rd or 4th playthrough and never saw this problem with previous patches until Danforth (?) I think.

I started a new game on Leg with all DLCs. Started a mission to defend a Jericho base and the aliens killed a few civilians and I suppose a few Jericho defenders on my 2nd turn before I even had the chance to get over on the other side of the map. All of my soldiers panicked. I can’t imagine that this is intended. My soldiers should not care if anyone but my soldier die (its the only thing that I am even in control of).

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Same here,

with low WP starting the game, civilians dying at the same time, -2 WP per civilian/defender , panicked is the result

If you can’t rescue them, or control defenders quickly, best tactic is to stay away (perhaps on the roofs) and lose one turn away from the Pandorans

But I will mention it in CC.

I started a new campaign with LoA, and I’m just wishing I could even reach the first loyalty missions before the game ends. I started in Central America, and New Jericho spawned their loyalty mission in Africa. That’s like the longest route possible, or close to it. Looks like either I’ll have to start over, or switch to aggressively raiding NJ to make best of this situation.

I thought Snapshot already addressed mission spawning distance in some patch, but apparently not.

There are some rules for where these missions should spawn - AFAIK the game looks for the closest location to your first base that satisfies certain criteria (which is it exactly, I don’t know).

Personally, I actually like that the way it works now that these missions can spawn out of my initial reach. This adds some variety to the playthrough as I have to consider whether it’s worth finding a route ASAP to the mission, or leave it for later, rather than just automatically go for Supportive status with all the Factions.

However, if you want to get around anywhere on the map fast you just need to activate a few key bases around the world:

  • Groenlandia, for Europe - America bridge
  • Tierra de Fuego for Antarctica
  • Alaska for America - Asia bridge

(on my current playthrough I also started in Central America)

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I hope that the Unity Engine gets addressed soon. Perhaps in line with the UI update, if not sooner.

Sure. It’s mostly about the time and resources needed. I really, really don’t want to spend my resources on activating bases that I have no other purpose for this early in the campaign. Additionally, repairing and/or constructing radars and then waiting for them to fully scan takes a damned long time just to open a route to an initial loyalty mission. Realistic options in my case are starting a new campaign or forgetting about NJ loyalty.

Edit: And I can appreciate the variety. I’m not saying I can’t play the game with a mission spawn like this. Just that I was hoping for NJ loyalty and can’t get it fast enough for it to matter in this campaign.

Another option is to get REP25 with all factions, as fast as possible,

many havens to reach other continents,

but Alaska/Siberia and Greenland are always a priority

But I prefer also 5 bases in two weeks, because you get more facilities on top of new satellite uplinks

I think you can get there within a week. You just need to activate the base in Groenlandia as your second base, which you probably want to do anyway.

My usual strategy is to activate ASAP those bases that get me to the second mist blob and more often than not that includes Groenlandia.

You’re probably right, and I’m just not used to this current base activation playstyle yet. I was waiting for DLC#2 to hopefully get a stable game experience. There has been too many core game mechanic changes in the past few months to play a continuous campaign that doesn’t need restarting. And I don’t mean that as a complaint, just an observation. I like that the game is in active development. At some point I just want to play it too, without things changing mid-campaign. The launch of this DLC seems like a good time for that.

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Yeah, I know what you mean… I don’t have much time to play and I haven’t been able to complete any campaign since Danforth before new major changes appear…

I think the overall experience with the Necronimicon patch is much better than with Cthulhu. Many bug fixes, some reworked mechanics, less Haven defenses, etc.

There is no news on when the next patch is coming, so probably there won’t be anything major until October… just the usual hotfix for whatever game breaking bug slipped into the release this time :slightly_smiling_face:

So this is probably as good time as any to complete a full campaign.

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Except building bridges by activating crucial bases, you can also…

activate one of the bases in Africa, steal/build aircraft with destination at that new base and build training center while recruiting 5 or 6 recruits for that base, then build equipment for them…

But land-bridges through Greenland and Alaska are faser and cheaper way I think. :slight_smile:

It is kind of RNG. I also started in Mexico last playthrough and had one of these missions near Australia, second in south Africa, and third in Syberia.

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I understand everyone’s comments above and also had these thoughts myself. But in actuality most players are adapting still to the changes.

I have just completed a playthrough without installing the new DLC. I lost at 15% on Hero level today. That caught me out because I didn’t realise that would happen. I am an experienced player.

So what I realise is that (as @VOLAND has pointed out many times before) time is the most important commodity in this game. To maximise this is the difficult part and with each new iteration of this game, a new path to success has to be found. Personally I like it and believe that PP just keeps getting better.

If my wife found out that I had 36 hours on record, I don’t think she’d be very impressed! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Ah, right. That’s so unintuitive that I didn’t think of it! “We can’t reach Africa with our aircraft, so… let’s just send a message to a base there, build an aircraft and magically decide it’ll appear in Africa when ready. Also found some local boys who are ready to fight, we’ll assign them to Africa as well. Hope they can swim.” :smiley:

I mean, might as well allow aircraft to reach any place. But thanks, I’ll consider my options with the current mechanics.

(I think features like these really show lack of overall planning for the game. If there was a unified big picture at launch, it has been lost and never created again after the devs started modifying the game’s core mechanics. I hope at some point they’ll look at the whole game again, and come up with a new overall plan that’s logical in the in-game universe.)


I hear you. I also don’t like it. I was just mentioning options. :grin:

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At original X-Coms, you could reach to a terror zone from anywhere. Now we got future tech and can’t pass some miles. :slight_smile:

There we had fully functioning economy with jets and airplanes. Now we have futuristic, but only dropships. Well maybe Disciples’ Tiamat is something that should reach longer distances. :wink:

But I agree that flight range could be increased.

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