A comprehensive guide for playing Phoenix Point (or an attempt at one)

Good to know, I will try it with my next infiltrators.
I almost thought that you get revealed regardless of killing the foe or not.

See my edit to the previous post. It may have been changed in the last patch.

I will test it, in my actually playthrough I’m close to get my fist Infiltrator. In my recent games I almost always used the echo head, so I’m not that sure how it will work without. I only did some raw tests with old saves directly after the release of the Leviathan patch.

Edit @MichaelIgnotus :
Or did you mean the Leviathan patch? Then yes, because before this big patch all weapons were silent, or rather, the function to reveal after shooting was just not implemented. This comes with the Leviathan patch.

its really apparent on a few enemies that have limb HP less then the max HP drop of disabling said limb (like the lair targets that drop 400 max HP on their 150HP shells) but it can also pop up if a blast destroys multiple limbs of an enemy dealing more max HP damage by limb destruction then it does raw damage to any individual limb (these enemies will always have max HP= current HP post blast before the first bleed tick when this occurs…most commonly happens on tritons as they have more and generally weaker limbs)

a certain special mission enemy also highly relies on the limb HP damage =< max HP lost. with its eyes dropping max HP far more then the amount of damage they need to receive to hit disabled status.

max HP drops drop strength in a similar fashion (10 max HP drop = -1 max str =1 less paralysis “charge” needed to trigger full paralysis…and for players = -1 carry weight)


I was reluctant to mention Stamina because, TBH, I have never experienced the penalty from the soldiers being tired or exhausted (my guys & gals need healing way before they need R&R), and I have found no reliable, precise information on at what point that happens.

If someone can explain it I will just plug it in.

Why is that? (yep, maths is not my strong suit :wink:)

If you want to arrange the text, you can put the table of contents on top using the quote mechanism, like a hyperlink.

Table of contents

You can also speed up the search for the right thing using spoilers.

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Beause of probablity distribution. In below picture imagine that value of 300 is center of aiming reticle and value of 400 is border of outer circle. Most probable is that bullet will fly in the middle of that range.

To be more specific. When you fire first thing randomly generated is angle between 1 and 360 at which bullet will fly in that aiming reticle (I suppose that each angle has the same probability). Next on that angle is generated specific point (bullet trajectory) according to gauss distribution. So with this distribution it is most probable to hit in the middle of the radius - and what is there? You have there border of inner circle. :slight_smile: @UnstableVoltage explained it somewhere on this forum… or maybe on some introduction to aiming on PP youtube channel.


That’s correct. It’s based on a bell curves that’s intended to decrease the chances of a highly accurate or inaccurate shot. In other words, the projectiles are more likely to land closer to the inner ring and less likely to hit the bullseye or the outer ring.


Do I understand correctly that the red ring(50%) in the picture is the line with the highest degree of hit?
Or a ring with a high degree of hit - transparent and not shown to us?

old screenshot but yes

The old sight is clearer.
Yes for 1 or 2?

red ring has the highest chance for a hit. But where on that ring will bullet go is quite random.

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then the graph has 2 humps

approximately, zones:
red - 60%
pink - 30%
blue -10%
yellow ring - our standard ring at 50%


Thanks a lot to @VOLAND for writing such a great guide.

About the question of @MadSkunky. We do not want to pin it, because we want only the official announcements to be pinned. Which are currently patch notes and Canny.

But I have another suggestion. Currently, I am working on the official Phoenix Point Wikipedia. We want to include player guides written by players in this Wiki. So if Voland agrees I will put this guide there as Voland’s guide or whatever will be the name.


Yes that is correct.

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Just read your guide and I think you’ve done a great job and it’s packed full of good suggestions. The one thing I didn’t necessarily agree with was your stance on diplomacy where you say it’s a bad idea to raid the havens.
I personally feel that you don’t need the support of all 3 factions to win the game, you just need the support of 1 or 2 and you can make do without the other one.
By raiding one as part of diplomacy missions for another, you can rapidly progress to allied status with the faction you’re trying to win with - it’s a more proactive approach that allows you to reach allied status in less time. I haven’t gone to war with another faction but I don’t want to wait for relations to build up through haven defences etc.
I understand building aircraft is also a good idea as stealing aircraft are dangerous missions and if you’re playing it ironman then you’re taking a big risk - but if you’ve got a strong enough squad then it’s worth doing - I tend to build one aircraft and take any more that I need off other factions, the diplomacy penalty isn’t that severe, it’s just that you need a strong squad to pull it off.
I think it’s definitely worth getting technicians for the electric reinforcement ‘I WIN’ button, but you don’t even need to keep on side with NJ to do that, just find friendly NJ havens on the map that have technicians to sell, and recruit them - their most useful skill has no requirements for technician equipment, and you can reverse engineer for equipment anyway.

Besides the diplomacy thing, I think this guide is superb.

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Of course, no problem!

I have updated the text with all the comments and suggestions in this thread, thanks again @MadSkunky, @Yokes, @MichaelIgnotus, @conductiv, @noStas, @UnstableVoltage and @David123.

Hopefully I will have time to continue working on this and if anyone has any more comments, or even wants to cover some pending, or new topic, all will be very welcome and appreciated.

@noStas thanks for the tips on formatting, hopefully I will get to it at some point.


here is the code with the correct size for the pictures, and you can edit the text in your own way.

![image|541x500, 50%](upload://hkQrogfAb6rdIRrCDh0uVILl3Pl.png) ![Phoenix-Point-aim|543x500, 50%](upload://z1h4xatvbF1kJchpE4KAGgnFxrw.jpeg) 
approximately, zones:
red - 60%
pink - 30%
blue -10%
yellow ring - our standard ring at 50%
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Sirens. You need to talk about Sirens. The most common points that come out of the forum are:

  1. How does MC work?
  2. How do you neutralise a Siren (target her head)?
  3. You need to warn people about overextending themselves and getting caught out by that sneaky little Siren hiding on the other side of the wall, who can MC your WP-depleted soldiers without even seeing them.
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Not to mention the number of sirens encountered in lairs that hit and then hide.