Wrong TOC in The Briefing ePub books

This is not a bug with the Backer Build but with the Briefing ePub versions. I noticed that a few TOCs are broken. Maybe someone could confirm and the books could be republished to solve the issues.

  • The Briefing 3
    • iBooks TOC shows TB 2 content
  • The Briefing 4
    • Book TOC has contents of TB 3
  • The Briefing 5
    • iBooks TOC shows TB 4 contents

I have rechecked these since I was made aware of your post.
he TOCs are correctly constructed in the epub files, but were corrected a month or two ago. Briefing 5 was correct when it went out.

However, on investigation I’ve noticed there are three ways the TOC information is picked up by ereaders. Apparently, SIGIL doesn’t update one of them automatically, and that’s the one an iBooks application uses.

Will fix and sort this evening.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Also keep in mind that Book 4 has the wrong TOC inline but the iBooks TOC is correct.