When is a kill shot not a kill shot?

I thought the flashing skull indicated that a kill was more or less certain, with the more bit depending on the rate of flash, faster more likely.

But I’ve had a lot of situations where the skull was flashing like the lights on a police car, and not only wasn’t there a kill, but the target didn’t take that much damage. I’m not talking about long range either, but close up and personal with a shotgun.

On the other side, I’ve got one shot kills when there was only the briefest twinkle of a skull (or nothing at all).

Have I just misunderstood the mechanics of this?


I don’t know. I find snapaim so unoptimal that I don’t use it outside small targets. As such I don’t really pay attention to the health bar, outside checking at a glance, if my total damage has a chance of killing the enemy.

I wasn’t actually thinking of snap aim specifically, but I can’t help
thinking that of the you’re being told there’s a kill to be made you
should get a kill. I’ve certainly had instances where targeting a body
part gave me a kill despite not being shown that there was going to be one.

But it’s not the biggest problem…

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Animation matter as well. So if you shoot a burst, and enemy twitches back after first hit, it pretty much changes where the enemy is located vs. where you are aiming. Snapshot will track centre of mass as enemy is movie, but free aim will shoot in this one direction, in spite of the enemy moving.

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Yeah, I’m confused about this too. Sometimes I can slowly move the mouse and get the constant slow flashing skull, but other times, no matter how finely I move the mouse, the skull just blinks on and then stays off. It keeps doing that as I move the aim around.

I fire and it usually kills it anyway but not always so then, if it’s a tough situation and I see a brief blink, I find myself fiddling with the mouse for ages before giving up.

Oh, and as PorkyCat mentioned, I find shooting a leg off sometimes give me a kill even though there was no skull sign at all.

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Maybe the Enemy “moved” and you hit for example the Gun?
Had this several times with my Snipers, the shot got “wild” by a ballsackhairofdoom and damaged the Gun (not always but sometimes just destroys it) instead of killing the enemy…