What good are those Technicians?

I’m doing that right now. It could be worse … but it certainly is a challenge.

I think @BoredEngineer likes snipers. xD

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And, it’s more avoidable but still possible, in center of fire from fireworm, move out, all lamps out, sigh. Next time it happens I’ll consider the no move option. :slight_smile:

But there’s no need of Chiron a grenade can do the job fine, and some enemies can aim shot or shot with luck a limb, a soldier unable to use standard weapons during a mission is no way that rare.

I think such game genre benefit of injuries during combats, but, despite with flaws the more generic JA system is better, in PP there’s a sort of luck aspect that is tedious, for many soldier get torso disabled isn’t such a big deal, but even only one arm is a big penalty.

I don’t think Technicians need damage output to be useful. 5-7 soldiers can do enough damage in a round, so it is nice to have a dedicated support. It isn’t really necessary, but it is nice.

Edit: Also, an Armadillo with a dedicated technician healing it is TANKY. I know there are tradeoffs to using the APCs, but oh baby these things are hard to bring down if they have a dedicated technician.

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The damages isn’t bad if you work on armor destruction, but I don’t think you can’t mix with a Berzerker, at least not until you acquire the research of this soldier class, if it’s possible.

If I have more than 2 soldiers in bad shape (disabled limb), I dont need a Technician to heal them up. I need better tactic, better squad. Bomb Bug a problem? Use covers.

Spider Drones can roam, Turrets dont. And I still find Spider drones not so useful.

VAA arms for removing face huggers. You mean you gave them that chance? Should that occur, I simply bash the hugger from melee distance, or use pistol. Same AP cost.

What I haven’t tried is Armadillo with a Technician… Maybe I should try this in my next playthorugh.

So it’s a game where enemies never hit, all the mechanisms with injuries and disabling for player soldiers is pointless? If right, weak design.

But ok perhaps because core design error is that unlike JA1&2 it’s one more shooter combat tactical with more or less fragile soldiers dying a bit fast.

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This was so far the smoothest play through. Mind crush paired with extreme mobility finishes most maps in 1 or 2 rounds. I killed the gatekeepers in the first round last mission.

I went 6 pure priests 2 berserker/assaults and 1 priest/assault. I did not want to multiclass most of my priests because I wanted all the will for their psychic abilities instead of dash and co. I used rally to get them in place when they did not have enough movement on their own, though that was rarely necessary with +5 speed leg mutations +2 speed armor and maxed speed since psychic abilities do not cost AP.

Even more broken than my 100% stealth play IMHO.

Going for the technicians challenge next. I tried having mostly tech squads before but omitted their ‘ultimate’ ability. I didn’t know it would stack … I also didn’t think about bringing multiple turrets. This sounds like a lot of damage. I wonder if strength increases the throwing range for turrets …

Mind crush is stupid OP hahaha, imagining running 6 priest hybrids, all of them just rushes into the midst of the enemy and mind crush together. that’s 600 dam, pretty much kills all the enemies within that area!

Yep, they also all had 22/27 will, so they could dish out at least 3 mind crush each. I used 5 of those will replenishing head mutations so +10 will per turn. Quite absurd, but also fun :wink: As added bonus, no need to buy ammo or grenades …

I wanna build that squad in my next playthrough hahaha… its hard to get 6 of the synod heads early game so that we can put them into training centers in time for them to be useful in the midgame.

You can just (re)mutate them later on with Anu tech. Capture pandorans to get enough mutagens.

You sound like you must be the ultimate player already, so maybe you don’t need a team medic

I’ve had Arthron grenades disable multiple limbs in one shot (from full health, on a heavy), it happens. Being able to heal all of those up next turn, was valuable, to say the least.

The “remove mind-fragger” ability is slightly better than just shooting or bashing the sucker off. You get some of the soldier’s AP back for that round too. I wouldn’t bring the Techie for just that, but it’s situationally useful. Also, Fraggers are tiny, sneaky little gits and sometimes catch you when you didn’t even know they were likely to be around. That’s the point

Turrets are brilliant and, terrain depending, add a HUGE amount of firepower to a squad. Once you gain the throw turret ability, you can easily deploy all 3 in the first turn, high up is best. The armour piercing and phoenix laser turrets put out a heap of damage per turn (further amplified if you control them as well) - I’ve had the piercing turrets do 300 odd damage in an accurate volley, fairly consistently

I think you’re just too stuck in the sniper/heavy OP meta thought pattern (which, yes, it’s effective, but boring and removes any plausible challenge to the game)

So to summarize, they’re a support class. You take them for support. If you don’t need support for your squads, then fine, just enjoy your elite pistol armed heavy/snipers when they get their arms disabled