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A history on the development of modern armour
A history on the development of modern armour

Woud love to see Zastava handgun featured in 2x century re-style

as well as redesign of Zastava M-70 (Yugoslav improved AK-47)

NATO revised development Zastava M21


no offense to the Yugoslav versions, but I’d rather have a Valmet


No offense taken. Is this it?

A bit custom rifles per some existing 20th/21st century would be great add on esp. if its NOT only Nato based


those look to be the old ones. Their newer ones are apparently the highest quality AKs out there at the moment


something I’ve just noticed regarding the pistol. Where are the rear sights on the model?


So, I’ve been playing around in MSPaint to try and get a handle on the dimensions of the Pistol so I can build a model of one for a cos-play outfit. To that end I scaled the PP Pistol and the Glock 17 I posted above to the same scale and created an overlay.

IMO, this gives a much better idea of what works and what doesn’t on the pistol


Man, assuming that overlay is scaled correctly, it seems as if Phoenix Project people have tiny hands o,o


I scaled the triggers to each other


PP guns may have been designed for people wearing bulkier gloves, bearing in mind that operatives need environmental protection from the mist and virus. That’s a long shot but this may mean that the pistol is in fact bigger.

Could also be a modelling/animation trick to make the pistol easier to fit in the models’ hands.


That’d change the size of the trigger guard, not the trigger itself. Once again it is a human physiology thing.

Canada does this all the time with our military gear. Not for the PV and the mist, but for winter in the Arctic.

I could see that with the model, but not the concept art


okay I worked the pistol design, as best as my poor abilities with MSPaint can, into the layout of a modern pistol while trying to keep as many of the pistols original details as possible. I also increased the size of the trigger guard to be more friendly to wearing gloves and so forth. I need to work on the trigger guard a bit more, but I’m taking a break for a while.


but what if that was laser pistol? :slight_smile:


It would be nice if some elements would be customizable e.g. AK-47 style rifles (or sold under Kalasnikov 3000 brand :slight_smile: ), Glock - Desert Eagle - Magnum - CZ style pistols etc. Or some of these variations with slightly modified stats could be found in … CRATES :slight_smile:


Indeed ))
Don’t criticize too much, or you’ll get “swine pistol” (as a punishment)

PS. I’m not a weapon specialist, but I like PP faction weapons so far. They look great.


In the latest dev blog it was confirmed that the Phoenix Project uses conventional ballistic weapons.

Also Allen has said several times that lasers weapons aren’t going to be a thing. A Laser as a tool, a la Medkit, could be a thing though


Can you share link? I probably have missed something. :wink:


here it is: https://phoenixpoint.info/blog/2018/8/23/arming-the-factions


@Kings_Rook I decided to counter all your points about the PP handgun being unrealistic with one image.

How about that?! :sunglasses:


You know, somewhere in history someone has probably tried that for real