Version en francais

Bonjour est-il prévu d’avoir une version du jeu en Français ?

Hello is it expected to have a version of the game in French?

Hi. The finished game will have a French localisation, yes.

Will there be the option to have english audio and X language texts?

I don’t have details on the specifics of that at this stage. It is also unclear how much (if any) spoken dialogue there will be in terms of the audio.

Which types of French? Just Parisian French or will there be others as well?

You made me curious, are there games with multiple “variations” of french? I guess “canadian” could make an appearance, but is there a big enough difference to warrant one?

I know that Brazil is a big enough market for their “non-standard” portuguese, but I have the feeling that there are less players speaking english in brazil than in canada, so they probably need translations more.

I’m actively avoiding translations due to their usually horrible quality in my language (most of the time they are made by translators who have never played PC games, so the moment I could understand english “good enough” I switched, and even before there were not many games translated, small country has its drawbacks) so I’m kind of doubtful, but do you think it would be worth to translate it to different types of french instead of just “standard” in terms of profit?

I’ve done French loc. on video games, and never heard of a game that would do this.

Belgian and Swiss French really wouldn’t justify this and, while there’s room for a ton of funny/awkward misunderstandings when we try to communicate with people from Quebec, I’m reasonably sure they can handle a standard game localization.

That said, there isn’t a real linguistic need to split Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese either (I actually find it much easier to understand Brazilian Portuguese, but then I’m not native and my Portuguese is very rudimentary), but the massive Brazilian player base justifies it from a Marketing point of view.

Video games loc in general is a mixed bag. Due to paranoid NDAs, it’s not uncommon for outsourced localization studios to receive a few thousand strings with little context, leading to sad/funny mistranslations. Loc QA can sometimes have a laugh pointing out those on their first passes.

From what I heard, the ones that can REALLY get shafted are voice actors for localized versions, as they have to deal with the worst of both world.

Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese are very different stuff :wink: I never translate games to Brazilian…its at least…weird…lol

Yea I know (especially bad for items, where if they don’t even know the genre/situation of the game [historical, future, fantasy, etc.] it can lead to massive fails), but “our” situation was even worse as a small east-EU country (it’s improving slowly as more and more “gamers” are working), not only are we few in numbers but even have smaller percentage of players actually buying the game (torrent, as usual), so there were games with no Loc QA, at least it didn’t seem like they had any :smiley:

Quebec French feels about as weird as far as I can tell, but we can still understand each other. Had Brazilian colleagues and spent some time with a local Brazilian community a decade ago and they seemed to make fun of Portugal in the same way I make fun of Quebec. Now that I think of it, I also had an easier time understanding Portuguese in Mozambique than in Lisboa, but that’s not super relevant :slight_smile:

The point is you don’t NEED two different versions, but Brazilian players have the purchasing power to make it happen. Good for them!

no french is french lol

On a business view, it makes a lot of sense to translate to Brazilian Portuguese,its a huge market that cant be ignored. A Portuguese version its definitely not needed mainly because the language itself its very tricky to translate, just a small mistake and it gives the sentence a totally different meaning :smiley:
And i just turned a post about a french version in a talk about Portuguese… lol

we move away from the post the question was whether there is a version in normal French

And it’s been answered. the Fig game info already mentioned French loc by the way.

Now we have to talk about something until the next build comes :slight_smile:

Unstable already answered that (normal french loc) in this thread:

So we’re derailing after the initial question was already answered :smiley:

Sorry i speak little English i Don’t see. Good day