Unit unable to perform action due to being psychically or physically incapacitated

How many of you reach the evac zone only to be greeted with this message upon attempting to evac?

Have you had this happen after evacuating all your other units with only one left and a Siren nearby which will promptly mind control your last unit resulting in KIA?

I think this is a bug. My unit was not incapacitated. I used all of their action points to get to the evac zone.

However the mechanics of the game allow you to still evac or click a interaction button even after using all action points.

Very irritating to lose a unit this way.

If the unit no longer has any action points, one needs to select the unit to trigger the evacuation option. This does appear to be a minor bug. If one does not manually select the unit, one sees this message.

I had the unit selected. This happens fairly frequently. It’s not as big of a problem if you still have other units available.
Then you can wait and provide some cover.
But when you’re cycling through the available units and you end up evacuating everyone else…it’s a bummer :confused:

You don’t have to wait. Don’t end the turn, click the soldier again and hit Evacuate.

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Ive had this happen more than once. Clicking and selecting other units when they were available.
It never solved the problem.

And in the case where all other units are already evacuated, you’re simply hosed