Unit opens crate on last move, next unit's inventory auto-opens instead

This happened in System Revision 0.1.22840, on a random map game.

  1. Selected Assault (J.P. Richter). Moved him to an ammo crate with last Action Points available (after using Exertion ability, too). Turn auto-ends after reaching crate due to all AP being gone. Crate opens.
  2. Game auto-selects next soldier (Sniper, aka. Daniel Stoller) because the turn of the last one ended. It then auto-opens his inventory instead of that of the soldier actually near the crate, despite the now-selected soldier being two turns away from reaching it.
  3. The opened inventory of my Sniper did not show what was in the crate; it just showed empty ground. The bug here is that the game typically auto-opens the inventory of the soldier reaching the crate, but because that soldier’s turn ended, it instead did that for the newly auto-selected soldier, despite them not being anywhere near the crate.

~ Setokaiva (Setokaiva#7873 on Discord; ask me if you want my E-mail)

P.S.: This is my first bug report on the forums, though not my first in total (I’ve done some F12 reports so far). Please let me know if I did it right, and how I might improve.