Unable to start "Energize This" and "Once more upon the maze"


First i want to say that i have already sent a bug report via F12.

As the title suggest, i have unlocked the location of “Energize this” but when i reach it i can only do an area scan.

Same for “Once more upon the maze”, the second mission of the living weapons DLC.
I completed the first one got the location for the second one, but again when i reach it i don’t have the option to deploy. Only to do an area scan.

This happened already before the latest hotfix and i was hoping the new patch will correct the issue, but unfortunately it is still here.

Any tips?

Thank you

I think that only way to fix it is to restart campaign. Otherwise you can continue current one and forget about those missions.

Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately this is a fresh new campaign that I started immediately after the Danforth update.

As I am very close to the end I am not really in the mood to re-start it again, so guess I will just give the bug a pass.

I probably do another campaign once the new DLC will be released and hopefully, by that time, the issues will be fixed.

Unfortunately you will encounter probably some new bugs, because there will be few major updates before September, and it is typical in PP to slip few bugs through Quality Assurance.

Hi, having this problem right now. Can you please advise why this is STILL a bug?

I am having the same problem too. Stuck at loading screen though. It’s for the mission “Once more into the maze”.

If your campaign is older than necronomicon patch, you have to restart it. Or maybe it’s before cthulhu patch, I’m not sure.