Things I'm looking forward to enjoy :

1 : Different use of tactics in each game you play, if the enemies have changed you might have to change as well in order to defeat them.
2 : Blowing up stuff with different type of armament, hopefully small grenades just makes a dent, bigger things makes BIIIG HOLES!
3 : Burning things!
4 : A varied choise of weapons that give different functionality and benefits.
5 : Individual character development.
6 : Characters speaking while in combat coming with feedback depending on their mind state, damage done, needs (cover me while I reload ) and so on. A stealth party would probably be pretty silent, while a savage combat party would be pretty loud and communicative.

Now, I don’t expect these things to be there in the game, but seeing your characters perhaps express themselves, come with a few words, swear and perhaps even have some “favorite words” or phrases which each one generates while playing would be incredible…

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That would be great, but I’m not sure it all of this was planned. :slight_smile: Maybe they will add such things later. From what I have heard characters will have quite interesting personalities with different states and anxieties, but will they vocalize it? Hard to say. There for sure be explosions and they will affect surrounding in spectacular way, but if there will be difference in force between small explosives and big explosives? I’m not sure.

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MOOD in the final game. What made TFTD so great, and XCom1 + 2 so lacking (well, 2 more so, and 1 less so with Long War) was the lack of creepy mood. How that is created and maintained in the game is MOST what I am looking forward to.

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I’m not sure if some of the things I mentioned above will ever be in the game, but to be honest to feel that the characters you are managing reacts to what is happening and even “communicates” a bit through the missions is definitely something that would help improve the game in my opinion.

Depending on how they actually use it they might make the game even more intriguing when you see how your characters evolve as you play and progress the game or when things go a bit against you how they start reacting to that…

And definitely a creepy mood is very very important!