The Food Production building is useless

Costing 200 materials and 40 tech for giving 8 food for day it needs 65 days to pay the investment!!! And we can easy get food only harvesting Pandoras. The input of food given should be much more, or the building much cheaper.

This only matter if some day, in future, the economy of Phoenix Point less to be broken and count for something…. Between devs don’t fix the SUPER EXPLOIT of raid thousands of resources from other humans for free (-6 diplomacy is ridiculous and is equal a free resources), the only way to have a fair game is player simply never attacks other factions and never stole resources and aircraft from them.

Link for vote in canny: The Food Production building is useful | Voters | Phoenix Point

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I think you might have misspelled ‘useless’ . . .

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Thank you Saph!!! :pray:t3:

I don’t think so.
Food is balanced with the building, Pandorans, trading, army maintenance.
But you are right about raiding, once you do that all balance goes out the window.

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Well… let’s suppose we play fair and don’t raid other humans so economy is important to win the game. We get enough food capturing pandoras and don’t need the building.

Anyway, doing the math, the bulding cost 200 materials and 40 tech. Let´s trade it and it is about 400 Food. Trade | Phoenix Point Wiki | Fandom

The building gives you 8 Food for day… so, 400/8 = 50 days in game to get back the invesment in it. This is balanced for you???

Only with bad trades, best trades would be 200 mat to 300 food and 40 tech to 240 food.

540 / 8 = 67.5 plus 3 days for the build, so after 70.5 days you have product the food that you could also trade.

One of the NJ researches gives +50% to production (yes, also food), then we have 12 food per day, so 540 / 12 = 45 + 3 = 48 days.

I have often build some of them just to have a steady income and lesser tedious trades, but it is not really worth it, even when not raiding.

One way to address that is to ramp up cost of upkeep food for soldiers. It still wouldn’t change the fact that the buidling needs 60 days or so to pay off. But you know you would need to get food from somewhere to keep your squad so it would make it more sensible to build. It would also make keeping 60 soldiers squad less appealing and this would also be good as it is not supported properly by UI and it breaks difficulty levels when you’re with 60 guys all over the world at the same time with teleporting equipment.

60 units? I manage quite well with 16+.

That’s the point. You want to discourage going overboard. Imagine how unbalanced the game is with 60 units. The balance is then broken completely. And you have not real limit to raiding → recruting → teleporting → crashing pandorans very fast → getting diplomatic points → and cycle again. Like in 30 days you can unlock all bases around the world and build them fully. At the same time you are allied to all factions even you raid them haveily because you fight more haven defences and pandoran structures which gives you more diplomatic points to offset heavy raiding.

I dunno about perfect balance, all I know is that I didn’t have a problem with food and I used these buildings just to have a zero or positive food revenue, just for the peace of mind.
But as others have said, your trade figures are wrong, you need to buy food only from Anu, materials only from NJ and Tech only from Synedrion, otherwise trade is not good.

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Hehe. I remember this discussion from a year ago. Game is typically over by the end of February on average on Legend, but the Food facilities don’t even pay for themselves until far beyond that point.

I could see the game being improved if these facilities weren’t restricted to Anu research and maybe produced 5x as much food or more. Trading meta game wouldn’t be trading everything for everything, but just trading food for other resources, offering slightly more resources (and a lot more food) and giving more wiggle room throughout the game. Finally my request of “mindless to replace soldiers” would be partially answered, because I’d always have the food to get them (just like I always had the funds to get more soldiers in original Xcom). Wouldn’t make sense in regards to surviving in a starving world really, but… w/e.

So, that all being said… I’d found that this imbalance didn’t really matter when I tried to do a hardcore “devoted to Anu” playthrough one time. I literally trashed most of my technology, ran out with mostly mutated soldiers and relied almost entirely on basic Anu tech and skills. I got all my tech/materials from dismantling everything looted, and putting those resources into these food facilities so I’d always have food available to trade and purchase another soldier (since I’d be sacrificing them left and right in missions). The materials/tech almost didn’t even matter (since my soldiers were disposable), and I was hostile with both Synedrion and New Jericho which limited my available trades since raiding them in this manner wasn’t particularly rewarding. It was a hard and interesting game, didn’t make it to the end though before getting bored at about 2nd week of February or so. Not sure if the use of those Phoenix Shields should’ve been allowed, because they were pretty helpful. But honestly, about 99% of the work was done by Speed, +dmg talents, and a melee weapon + frenzy.

Consider that Anu Tech costs are pretty low, and almost everything can be replaced by Mutagen which is harvested from Aliens (so you can’t harvest food from them). I began to wonder if this was the intent?

That’s not true. Purchases are always in your favor. They’re MORE in your favor with these vendors specifically. But always trading everything at every destination pays off best. It’s very mindless other than the fact that there tends to be more materials or food in a specific region. So unless you have the entire world discovered, you’ll end up with a large stockpile of a single resource and unable to trade.

The worst trade values are like 4 food for 6 materials, and then 4 materials for 6 food. Still in your favor. It’s because of this that an ideal strategy for maximizing your gain in this game for the least amount of effort is to raid Synedrion at the beginning of the game and steal about 3-4 of their aircraft. Scout entire planet and use them for endless trading. Just as good as endless raiding of resources but with far less missions. Can easily steal with a Scarab by day 4 in Legend.

If you want to do resource arbitrage, you have to buy selectively as indicated.
How is some trade in your favor if you can get it cheaper from somewhere else?
Yes, you need to uncover all havens (so min. 25% reputation with everybody), yes, you need Synedrion aircrafts, at least one, better two dedicated to trading and the rest for strike teams. But it’s a good way to keep resources coming until you’re 100% with everybody and can start raiding.
And raiding is not for resources (I drown in them early enough) but for SPs for my army. So no Scarabs in raids, thank you, but each time 8 soldiers still needing the SPs.

Yeah, that was me.

Food Production Facilities were one of the things that really drove home to me that the PP balance team do not understand their game very well. As soon as you do the math, it’s extremely obvious that building food production ALWAYS makes you weaker, unless you’re trying to do some incredibly weird endurance playthrough where you deliberately avoid finishing the game for like 6 months or something.

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