Stealth/Concealment System

From the PP site (same as the original Fig page):

We have a design for this (stealth), though it is not currently implemented or tested. The system is based on detection ranges based based on a character’s perception attribute modified by equipment and abilities. various abilities and tech may reduce those ranges. You will be able to see detection ranges for known enemies. Normally, using a weapon will make a character spotted, but stealth weapons negate this.

And from the Reddit FAQ:

Q: What about stealth?
JG: Stealth system is a major focus of development for September.

In the Facebook Q&A 1:

We’re going to have an extensive stealth system, but we’re not revealing that just yet. There is a class called the Infiltrator who is focused on infiltration and recon.

Are there any updates, since the late January Q&A, to how the stealth system is progressing?

How it’s described in the FAQ looks very intriguing, and it’s one of the game systems I’m most looking forward to seeing in action, especially because it’s been associated with that excellent word “extensive”. :smiley:

I’m interested in this system in particular because, although XCOM 2 made a decent start on having infiltration play a part of missions and WotC introduced Reapers, I still feel that it has not been explored as fully as it could be (LW2 notwithstanding). In the main, you mostly use your concealment mechanic to just set up an overwhelming, one-and-done alpha strike.

With the Infiltrator specialisation having already been announced, I’m really hoping that the stealth and concealment systems will be way more than just a minor detail and in some missions at least, will play a central role.


The Infiltrator

Here is an example of a specialist class we call the ‘infiltrator.’
The main abilities for this class involve stealth, evasion, reconnaissance, booby traps, target designation, close quarters combat and scaling difficult terrain.
The infiltrator will normally be equipped with stealth weapons which include crossbows, silenced guns, blade weapons, gas grenades and proximity mines.
The armour technology is built for evading detection and agility. Helmets tend to be the most sophisticated element, with 360 degree vision systems, rebreather apparatus and comms systems.
Grappling gear, ultra-thin climbing lines and retractable climbing spikes on hands and feet allow for navigating highly vertical terrain. One possible loadout includes a ‘drone hive’ - a backpack loaded with miniature drones which can rapidly spread out in all directions for highly effective reconnaissance.

All of the main factions have technology that is relevant to build equipment and skills for an infiltrator, but Synedrion have the most advanced tech in this area. Disciples of Anu will have some mutations which can be highly beneficial to this role.

I still love the idea of the ‘drone hive’, I hope that will be implemented :smiley:


It’s not that much of a stretch from a Technician’s turret to an Infiltrator’s drone hive, imo, so I’d be thinking that’s a safe(ish) bet. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think there’s a lot of interesting things in that description of the Infiltrator, not the least of which is the “360 degree vision system” which suggests to me that it might be possible to have your Infiltrator sneaking up behind your chosen mook who doesn’t have 360 degree vision in an attempt to take them out with a swift (and silent!) stab in the back.

And the possibilities flow from there: will we be seeing mutations for things like pheromone-sensitive organs or movement-sensitive compound eyes?

One of the fun things I could envision would be a concealed enemy that your Infiltrator might have spotted with his more sophisticated array of detection systems, but your Heavy has no idea about since it’s in his rear 180 degree arc, a terrible detection range and no comms system.

It would be heartbreakingly hilarious to see such an enemy sneak up behind your Heavy for the coup de grace while he’s too busy admiring the size of his gun and wondering why his Infiltrator squadmate off in the middle distance is frantically making turn-around-you-fool hand gestures.

I’ve seen JG mention that the basic LOS from the old XCOM is dead (i.e.- the tedium of having to turn 45 degrees to the left and right when you enter a new room to scope it all out), but the fact that the Infiltrator has that vision system mentioned gives me a bit of hope for vision/firing arcs to be 180 degrees to the front and special gear/mutations being needed to extend it.

I know it’s basically wishlisting, but it’s fun to think about. :slight_smile:

Is that official info you quoted, or a “This is what I would like to see”-list?
If official: yes please, gimme! :sunglasses:

CQC, blade weapons, rebreather, so can operate inside the Mist™, recon and booby traps… that Infiltrator sure sounds like one hell of a badass one man army!

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It’s from a ~year old Fig-update, so I would call it “planned official”, it can change (for example vision cones are still questionable, they are testing if it’s fun/good or not, etc.), but at least they had plans for these, so if we will not see them, the devs should have a reason for that (either not enough time or it’s not fun with the other elements together).


I hope they don’t follow the path firaxcom took. I’d love to see some stealth management mechanics, like not revealing every single soldier’s location to the enemy as soon as the sniper hits a single enemy which is going solo from half the map away… with a silencer on its rifle.

I don’t know about other games, but Altar’s UFO afterlight did it really well, and it was a real-time tactics game, not turn-based, so I think it should be way simpler.