Start Locations

Start Locations

I was rather looking for starting a campaign on the South America continent (what required plenty restarts), but after having mainly only Anu around there with only 2 Syn, including only Anu on Antarctica, I was rather disappointed as I prefer ranged over melee classes. I still managed with the starting troopers and only recruited a priest later so far.

I wonder how the experience of other players is regarding the start locations, for example where you have found no good mix of faction havens or generally few havens to defend to gain resources.

There are following fixed start locations:

Africa-East (Somalia): quite close to the coast, but not necessarily close a seemingly favored mist spawn around India.

Africa-North (Algiers): right at the coast where a mist cloud can form very closely. It’s basically the closest location to cover Europe. I found a good mix of all factions there once, although havens were scarce on the whole African continent.

America-North (Mexico): quite thin continent location what reduces amount of havens to defend. It’s rather a long trip to locations in Alaska and Canada without another base. I found one in the Arctic on the eastern side.

America-South (Bolivia): possibly the best location for a single base to cover a whole continent. Not sure yet if this is actually a favored place for mainly Anu havens or it was simply bad luck. It’s rather a bit tricky for follow-up missions if they are located on the other side of the globe, as you have to make your way through Central and North America first. One additional base was on Hispaniola and one in Honduras, both quite close to each other.

Asia-East (China): somewhat distant to coast regions but still covers well the East.

Asia-South (Pakistan): the Indian subcontinent seems to be a favored place for mist to spawn, so a good place to earn resources.

Russia-East: rather isolated in the corner there, but still offers a good start to move on to North America soon.

Russia-South: I’m not sure yet if mist actually spawns much around the Black Sea. It’s most distant to all ocean coast regions. Nonetheless, it’s still the most central start location that offers expansion in all directions.

What location do you prefer?

Are there possibly some advantages and drawbacks at certain locations?

Are additional PP bases on similar spots, that certain start locations could benefit more? A quest guides you from one region to the next one to find all PP bases, but I haven’t played much yet to find them all.

What about all the many follow-up faction and PP missions. Are these often on the same spots? It’s rather a pita if these spawn on the other side of the globe that soon.

Are mist spawn locations more or less fixed?