Soldier Symbols: Little Lines?

What are the little lines signifying?PP 02

The heavy and the two snipers have them coming off the top of the symbols to the left.

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humpf, i’ll say it’s an UI visual bug, probably caused by an “exotic” monitor resolution, but i may be wrong on this xD
As far as i know the only things that shoudl appear on top of the soldiers type icon in the menu is the blue bar (hp) and the white bar (morale / tiredness / need for teddy bear / rest)

I don’t see those lines in my game. Non-standard resolution or refresh rate?

That’s a visual bug, not a feature. I don’t have this in my games and I play at 1080p.

This one is a bug, I’ve reported this in game. I’m not using an ‘exotic’ resolution though, I’m on 1920 x 1080 144hz.

It’s minor but a little annoying - something I’ll hope they fix after the bad bugs.

I have the same issue, resolution 1920 x 1080 @60Hz