So . . . what are the plans for the backer builds?

GOOD! I don’t want to see any spoilers before the game is complete. Backer or not, it would only take idiot to post the spoiler online and ruin the game for everyone.

I am enjoying the backer builds but would much rather the story line and best aliens are saved until the games release. Gotta be something to keep us all looking forward to the game release!

I’m with you on this and giving us backer builds based on a different faction is actually an elegant way to do it. I only hope we’ll be able to get a glimpse of the game’s mechanics and narrative, see how they plan to make research, events and notifications look, and I’m not sure they have the time to create Jericho themed content that would have limited use beyond BB.

As far as spoilers go, I’m also quite sure that there is mundane PP content that can be used to showcase research/manufacturing features without spoiling the story. I’m thinking about tier 0 research like fuel depot maintenance or something, or even the very first alien related research (“Yep, they look like giant crabs, we need to bring a few more corpses or even a live one to learn more about them”)

I would say the last two weeks of January, at best. With the holidays taking everybody away from office and considering some delays… Yeah, I’ll point in my calendar to January 30th :smiley:

It won’t be in Jan

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Ah, well! We can wait :slight_smile:

Any rough ideas of what you want to present on the next BB (subject to change and all the usual disclaimers, I won’t hold you to your statement)?

As we’ve mentioned before, the main focus will be to include the Phoenix Soldiers, first implementation of the events system along with more map types and hopefully the Chiron.

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