Gameplay Finale Version

Can we still watch a video of what the final version will look like?
Sorry write with goggle translator

As I understand it, a number of elements of the game are still being refined and will continue to be refined right up until launch so there won’t be a true preview build to show off. This is mostly focused on the User Interface though. The gameplay will be broadly similar to that seen in the various videos of Backer Build 5 on youtube, just with balancing passes actually being done to the abilities and weapons.

That said, it is always possible the devs might release a preview video of their own making a few days before launch

we might get another update before release. That might mean another looking into dev build, which is the freshest build we got to see. In case OP missed October update, here it is though it is almost month old by now:

Thank you! But think the video knows everyone who is traveling here in the forum