Sniper specialist willpower penalty

If you use Sniper specialist, you get a willpower penalty of 8 instead of 4.
Your maximal willpower gets reduced by 4 and your starting willpower further gets increased by 4. So a character, that would have 13 willpower, will start the round with 5/9 willpower and neets to rest in the first turn.

Have you f12’d this? Sounds like a bug.

I found the same issue. I sent a bug report with F12.

Also found that using recover with Sniperist applies the 4 point penalty to the amount you should recover. (I should have recovered 6 and only recovered 2 will points)

And sent a separate F12 on that.

I think this is the worst ‘advancement’: -4 Willpower is such a huge price to pay, I never take it. I hope the reduce that Willpower penalty.

actually that are -8 because its affect the maximum value in addition to its starting value of a new level. But you are right, -2 should be the maximum penalty for the perk.

I dunno, I find 4 Willpower pretty fitting for +20 damage (the minimum you get). It just can’t affect starting willpower.