Should overwatch also be a direct fire RF?

I really dislike when you put over watch, and unit that is directly in cone, fires but you get no RF (unless unit has the ability). Makes over watch less worthwhile, since its triggered only by move. I believe nice additional mechanics should be that its also direct cone RF.

Should we make a ticket?

Hmmm ā€¦

  • OW works on full perception range but RF only on half. Many players would not understand this difference. Or should this not be the case for the combined OW/RF?

  • The difference between the actual and only for Assaults available RF would be that any other class has to invest AP to activate OW/RF and it would be only in the direction of the OW cone.

  • Assaults would have 2 different forms of RF, one with AP cost and combined with directional OW and then their own RF in any direction without OW. What should happen when an enemy in RF range shot an Assault who also set an OW? Should both RF trigger or not?

  • Enemies would have the same OW/RF combination and I doubt the AI is able to use it well. But it could also be a real pain for some players if the AI uses it somehow properly and often. MG Arthrons would also have both, the combined OW/RF and their normal RF.

It looks not bad at first glance but Iā€™m not sure.

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