Return Fire (I was wrong Armor is taking into consideration)

I think this is the real prob with Return Fire :
If ennemy equiped with a Bulldog AR 50(40 dam) (for ex) return fire at my assault (20 armor) I take 40 damages !
That and the fact if I need four men to shot at an ennemy I will take Three times return fire shots and those never miss and make full damages !

armour is taking into consideration.
The problem is the machine guns of the crabs are stupidly strong.
They do 50 damage a shot.

Best way to deal with it is to use cover, or shoot off the arms.
Return fire has limited range.

You just need to think tactically.

Also grenades have a high chance of destroying weapons and limbs. Use them early game.

Yes. I was wrong and saw that after a while. yes Armor is taking into consideration.
The Bulldog is a Soldier Weapon and now when needed I disabled the Arm with a Sniper.
Thanks for your answer.

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We still really either need an indicator to tell us where the return fire radius is, or return fire needs to be hit several times with the nerf bat. Right now it’s completely broken.

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It is half their perception range or simply shoot from out of LOS.

I would completely disagree:
Return Fire - Works very well as a denial of safe attack space, for both you and the enemy.

It doesn’t need a nerf as there are multiple ways to avoid it.
-Remove the weapon or arm (as described earlier).
-Just attack from long range
-Overwatch let them come to you.
-Just adjust your tactics a little, you can even use the enemy with return fire to your advantage, by placing your unit behind an enemy unit (without return fire) and getting the unit with return fire to shoot his own man, while you pop off the others.

This tactic has turned very difficult missions into a cakewalk in my XP.