Recover flawed in use

Why is it that the enemy can move AND recover, but all I can do is choose one or the other?

No it isn’t. The next turn after panicking all characters, human, Pandorans and others, whether controlled by Player or AI, automatically move some distance and recover.

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why, then, do we have to be panicked to move and recover? It would be nice, and make more sense, if clear-headed units could also move and recover.

Will is a bit too easy to regain in the first place. Making it even easier to regain would’t be great.

Similarly panicking enemies (or you) is already powerful. Making them stand in place might not be great either.

but when unit panics it doesn’t control where it is moving, so I’m not sure what are you asking for. “Let Recover ability generate random movement when used”? Sure, that would be fantastic when your unit will move out of the cover!

I recommend taking a look at this: