Please explain Air-Air Weapons

How does ANU’s Oracle work with aircraft weapons?

  1. Do I need to have a “high priest” passenger for it to work?
    Does soldier level or Will have any effect?
  2. Will all equipped weapons hit 100% of the time regardless of weapon’s low hit chance (example Brokkr AC-3 or Ninurta’s Mace)?

What does EMP Damage do?

What does Shock Damage do?

And lastly, what is with Ishara’s Bane?
Do I need a Mutog passenger or what?

It changes type of weapon guidance for all aircraft weapons. It is mostly useless unless you want to nulify bad weather penalties. You don’t need to have priest on the ship and Will has nothing to do with that. There will be no additional chance for hitting enemy ships.

It makes additional damage to faction ships. Useless against Pandorans.

It prevents enemy weapon from functioning. Effect is higher when targeted weapon module is already damaged with normal damage. Can be handy if enemy has some powerful and durable weapon which you can’t counter.

Just another type of weapon. Can be devastating if you will hit and if you will be able to prolong fight long enough. In my opinion not really interesting. You don’t need Mutog.

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How do I initiate an air-air fight with a faction’s aircraft?

Waiting for the Behemoth to show up is boring…

Same as Pandoran aircraft. It has to be at a POI.

“It has to be at a POI.”

What do you mean?

ps. it is boring to wait for the Behemoth to surface so I can play the air-to-air mini game…
and I dont play nice with the 3 other factions anyways…

I don’t remember exactly, but there are few cases:

  • probably we need to be on war with the faction to do it with regular airship
  • faction ship need to infested by Pandorans so can be considered as enemy vessel
  • we need to have upgraded Manticore to do it in any moment (without being at war or search for infested enemy)