Phoenixpedia Feedback

Some small feedback on phoenixpedia.

Could entry details update on mouse click rather than mouse over

Updating the viewed entry on mouse over means that I am often switching to a different entry when reading something. Could it be made to update when you click? It seems to recognise the click already (the button changes colour) but it doesn’t do anthing else.

Search only searches title and not content

I want to find out about strength - well it seem I have to guess at which entries might be relevant and read through each one.

No nice way of comparing stats

This applies to all screens not just the phoenixpedia. If I want to compare sniper rifles, i don’t seem to have a way of filtering only those, so that I can easily compare stats and decide what to manufacture/equip and so on. It would be useful to have somewhere with a side by side or table comparison of know equipment split by type. Right now i have to write one down, and then find the next one and manually compare - or go off to some fan wiki.