Phoenix Point Storylines

I had the idea since the beginning that you could create some “pre-game” storylines. As such they would not influence the main story, besides giving the player access to some new (better) team mates at startup. the idea is that you play a small set of solo missions with the character in question, and it ends with that person joining/finding the Phoneix Point base.

ADAM-7. One of the first PURE created by the PURE themselves (ADAMs and EVEs). He does not, however, buy into the whole anti-human thought, and decides to escape and find someone to help him oppose said mindset (this would give you the oppotunity to have a unique PURE on your team).


Having some unique skills soldiers would be great, kind of like EXALTED is in last two missions with Annu.

Finding unique weapons like Living Weapons set would also be great.