Ok... Base AI spam attacks?

It is very frustrating, especially if one does not have the research to reveal their bases via scans. There is a Feedback Tool post suggesting a solution - Successful Base Defense Should Reveal Attacking Base Location

Snapshot has this planned

The base defense will be optionable. When an enemy attacks a base with defending soldiers, you have the option to defend or not.

When a base is attacked without soldiers, or not defended, the base is not destroyed. Instead, all the facilities in the base are damaged by 40-80% of their current state. The soldiers are not affected (they hide outside and return).

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Now question arise why havens can hide and go back? :smiley:

Okay, you have me stumped. Havens hiding and going back?

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lol wrong correction

should be can’t

WHO CARES! Lets just fix this issue and not talk silly about unrelated stuff… I am trying to get an answer on why the AI get itself into a constant attack frenzy loop… it really just ends the game. There is no issue with the havens so why we even talking about them here?

Unless one destroys the attacking Pandoran base(s), they will keep launching attacks. If there are no nearby havens, they go for your bases.

EDIT: You may need to do 12, 3, 6, 9 o’clock scans surrounding your base that is getting attacked. (see the following post BASE ATTACK! Never stops repeating)

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what difficulty are you on cause I want some base attacks, they are rare on vet and none on hero.

do you have access to mist repeller tech? do you get enough time to send a aircraft out only needs 1 soldier, leave it out flying to each waypoint between attacks. try hitting a area scan on your base.
sorry cant think of anything else, if it happens to me an I find a way out I will post

I play on “Rookie” as I like to really learn the game, try out all the weapons and research so I have a good strategy for moving up from there.

Sometimes I get the mist repellers but that does not really stop them, however it does reduce them. If I keep an eye on the alerts I usually manage to get back in time. TIP: If you ship is just about to reach the base and it does not make it, reload the auto geoscape save and do it again, this time it will allow you to reach the base. I do the area scan around the base, sometimes that will work! Other times when they are further away it gets tricky! What I hope is that they will attack a haven and I can get it after that. What I have been doing now (which has helped) is I save all the havens that have a pando attack and ignore the internal wars. I do help them with that if I have time but if there is more than one to choose from I go for the pando as this will then show me the lair and I can deal with it. However, a few tweeks on this will help I am hoping they will improve it. I still have issues finding my bases which is why I like the repellers as that makes them more easy to find.

The mist repellers will push back where they can build bases. Early created bases have a very short range of attack. The longer they exist, the more their range extends. That’s why they can slow down the attacks.

On rookie they have time to expand, eliminate havens, discover your locations and attack you.

can you make a screenshoot of this this sounds kinda different.

But why after a successful defence mission of a haven is an enemy base location revealled, but not with a successful PP defence mission. I was wondering about the logic of this. I recognise that it’s a game mechanic, by what is the perceived difference? Any thoughts?

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I think it’s bug or someone forget to add few lines of code to PP base defence event. Cause there are no logic, why Panda’s base not revealed after successful defence.

Question is why are they revealed? :smiley: More logical would be making scans (or something else) around defended base/haven to detect where is that alien base.

There is a feedback request for this https://phoenixpoint.canny.io/feedback/p/successful-base-defense-should-reveal-attacking-base-location

Actually NO! If you think bout it they have satellites and an early warning system (which tells you haw long you have before they hit) so they MUST know were they are coming from to know this! It is logic, it is BEYOND stupid the way it is now, if you get early warning and have the area monitored then you would without doubt know were they are! This idea of re-scanning is just a waste of time and super frustrating because it can get stuck in an endless attack on the base which I have had and I have not been able to locate the base and it just ruined the game they need to fix it, it really is that simple!

Only if their base is in the area which you control. What if attack comes from place which is further away? You still only get warning if they enter your surveillance area.

That is why you need to use them to scan area outside of that early warning surveillance system.

So how does defending a haven reveal the attacking base? Do, the survivors of the haven reveal this information? If so, where did they get it? One would assume that Phoenix Point would have the same technology that all three factions have to reveal attacking bases after successful haven defense.

As it is, PP doesn’t have any other method of revealing enemy bases until one has researched Pandoran Citadel. Even then, we are crippled/hampered by the fact one has to spend hours exploring the revealed location to reveal that it is an enemy base. At least, immediately reveal the base on rescans.

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I would assume this is quick solution to idea how to reveal alien bases to player in early game. It doesn’t make sense just as many other implemented game aspects.

As well as the ones that don’t make any sense. Thus, my questions.