No Immersion In The Game

Apart from all the bugs and illogical tactics required to combat poor game design - it all seems very flat and unengaging. There’s no tension, just frustration.
Geoscape -
Personnel -
In Firaxcom I would invest a lot of time in my team: name, armour, loadout, colors etc.
In PP I have absolutely no feeling for my team at all - they are just cannon fodder - no point in spending time on them.
Weapons -
No feel of power or weight
Base -
Panini sticker book
Research -
Maps -
Lack of variety and buildings that seem to have come from Ikea.

This what comes of taking the EGS shilling - rushed release leading to poor gamer support and loss of confidence.
Snapshot are going to have to work hard to turn this one around.


It seems that the game is very incomplete.

  1. Banal visualization of the base, why it failed to take an example with X-COM 2
  2. There are no sighting and investigations, no branches and no banal packing of equipment for units.
  3. Animation failures. This is due, both to the grabs of the engineer, as well as to the vizulization of shelters.
  4. Errors in the mechanical units of the units, the unit firing in the unit with a watch does not cause damage at full hit.
  5. It is not clear how to gain access to certain technologies. There is a gross lack of comentariums and training.
    I want to say that for the most part it is not enough to refine the interface, there is no tree of technology, animation of events and clues. We need to refine the visual of the bases. And it 's natural to correct mistakes. It is unclear why there are no works from X-COM, once the creators worked. At the moment, the game looks dead. The action that the game was made by fans on the knee. It would be better to finish to an adequate condition.

/sign all
Specially the amount of time I put into my “Squad” … at Firaxcom I sometime spends 1-2 hours to setup clothes and names and all the stuff… in PP I looked at the colours, set both to a value I “like” and rush through all “Soldiers” and applie the same settings. Done. No care for Names or Personalized gadgets, I dont care.

Some kind of a certain Space Exploring Game vibes are comming around…