New trying backer build three but soooo lost, pls help

So i noticed backer build three doesnt come with a instructional book like the first one or two. so i found an old email and downloaded it and started playing. here are some observations, it could also be because i dont know but theres a few things that saddened me.

-there is no actual save, just quick save and quick load
-i dont know how to get more soldier or improve faction
-there are sometimes pistols and guns i pick up with no ammo clips ever after many scavaneges
-you eventually reach a certain point where its the extent you can travel due to resources and fuel, if you dont spend fueling station wisely and theres no real going back, the battle sites are sparce enough where this could be an issue
-theres a slight double when the mindfragger leaps onto face and another of it is still on the ground near soldier
-there was a moment where a car in the road was being used for cover suddenly disappeared the next turn
-there is a “play” button to basically patrol a certain area, hoping for missions near a neutral shelter, i did that for a long while but nothing popped up.

I know some are not nesecarily issues, but where can i get informed bc i tried a website wiki and other googling and nothing useful was found, hoping i could avoid embarasing myself like this.

It is a great game so far, im sure if there was a bit more info on the ui gamescape globe, it would be more helpful

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PhoenixPointGameGuide.pdf (483.3 KB)

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thank you!! where was this, i feel embarased i dont have this

It’s accessed by clicking “Game Guide” from the main menu.

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ohh okay, dont see how i missed it, sorry about that, thank you so much, also feel free to take this post down if its not providing any actual feedback benefits

if guide is not enough I will answer your question/issues

yes, full save/load will be available later

  • you need to click base instead of air transport and there you have icons at the bottom of the screen
  • you will sometimes find new Phoenix bases which will randomly grant: random 3 soldiers / air transport / ground transport, there is no other way to improve right now (and you still play as New Jericho so there is nothing to improve for the player)

when you enter roster and soldier editing after you click specific weapon icon most to the right will give you manufacturing option for ammo, on scavenge missions you can find sometimes this ammunition, but it is not guaranteed :wink:

tip: first use all scavenge sites and defend all havens attacks, then if you have more than one alien base destroy them, but leave at least one :slight_smile: it will generate attacks on havens and doing defence missions will grant you quite nice amount of resources :wink: materials and food generate at slow pace day by day depending how many bases you have. And remember that sometimes you need to just let the time pass to be able to do something. :wink:

don’t know what to say about that

interesting, if it wasn’t destroyed then it is a bug noone mentioned earlier

if there is no alien base nearby human havens won’t generate any missions in this build

thank you so much, your answers were super helpful! it is a lot more playable now!