New Run - Too Good To Be True

After quick-playing test of Festering Skies, I just restarted a Legendary game to include some “self-restrictions”.

Day 2 - completed initial missions for all 3 factions without losses and got this … almost too good. Should I restart?

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Can you explain? As I don’t see anything special… Did you used proper screenshot?

2 starting Mist-areas are so close …

With Festering Skies I will proberly need more than one Manticor, but think it will be a lot easier than defending the other side of the globe.

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If you play on Legendary then you will have mist all over the place soon enough. So no big difference :smiley:

True enough. It is quickly developing all over.

Still think I have small advantage by starting proximity.
I’ll go with it.

New DLC prop needs a little balancing, so take what I can get.