Need Base Air Defenses

First, it’s complete BS that flyers can completely disable a subterranean base without so much as an alert. We get 24 hours warning when bases face ground attack, but apparently base personnel are always on lunch when flyers attack.

Second, it is an unforgivable oversight to allow flyers to attack Phoenix bases without also providing an air defense base facility option. I mean, this is basic air warfare stuff.


While we aren’t given a 24 hour notice for aerial assaults there is a notice about them preparing one. One then needs to find out where the attacking aerial units are and one should then know what base needs attention.

There are too many notifications that just fly by — attacks on Phoenix bases should generate a persistent alert. Furthermore, if a base is attacked by a Berith early game, one likely will be unable to stop it.

Besides, what’s the point of a subterranean base if it can be completely compromised from the air?


Bunker Buster Bombs perhaps? Massive Ordnance Penetrator - Wikipedia

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All the art shows Phoenix bases buried in mountains. Even a bunker buster will do little more than knock art off of the walls.

None of this excuses the lack of buildable air defenses.

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I get your point… but I also don’t see that changing as the DLC is out and I don’t expect the design to change (only bug fixes),

It’s very disappointing. I want to like this game, and parts of it are great, but these kinds of basic design errors really ruin it for me. No air defenses is just not acceptable.

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Well, no one expected the Spanish Inquisition (aerial Pandoroans), therefore no air defenses were deemed necessary. However, one can combat them in the air.

To be honest, I am not really that fond of FS. It’s nice for a little spice if one has played the game as often as I have. However, I doubt that I will be activating this DLC in the future.


Gimme B-52 :slight_smile:

As usual.


Just to let you know, as Monthy fan - point of Spanish Inquisition is for something unexpected to happen. This DLC of all, simply fails to do so. So use inquisition in different example.

Yeah, wait for them to reach POI.

Me too, and all the fuss and fight for 20-30$ refund I can take friends to ice cream.

But exercise in disciplining bad behaved and minded people.

add AA turrets and missile batteries that perform better depending on how many people we have in the base… same for havens

AA turrets will only attack pandorans directly attacking the base

missiles will only attack pandorans that are very far away… damage is low but with havens and PP bases having them you could create a defense network to weaken the flying monstrosities before they attack to improve chances of AA turrets or your aircraft destroying them

PS: the space egg should come in half way through the game, they are too annoying in the early game and honestly I just plain hate them in their current iteration

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totally agree on the base attack alert, i made the topic pandoran attack that asks for this, never get the alert until its to late to respond

But PP use pre-pandoran military bases. PPs purpose was to prevent global extinction for whatever reason and they have forgot about flying reason. :crazy_face:

Yes, but only if by “in air” you mean “when they have started bombing and stuff”, because the is no prevention system, no preemptive strike or any way to disable threat before it actually becomes a threat. :stuck_out_tongue: You can’t attack them mid-air.

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Not only that, but anything but the weakest panda flyer requires multiple intercepts to destroy.