Mutoids Only + Kaos Weapons Campaign

Mutoids Only + Kaos Weapons Campaign

(Posted in Steam but some may only see PP here so added it in.)

I thought I’d try a Legend campaign using only the initial 4 operatives + mutoids. It was interesting + fun.

It was a challenge to get all the necessary research, esp. through the first half of January. I made do w just the initial 4 + a Kaos Buggy. Once I could get 4 mutoids I added them in for the time being to make an 8-operative team. Eventually, 1 original op + 4 mutoids + a Kaos Buggy made a team. Later an extra 3 mutoids were added to make each of 3 teams capable of fielding 8 operatives or 5 + Buggy.

  1. I never recruited from havens or Phoenix Point. Food was only a trading resource.
  2. Kaos weapons were outstanding. There was the occasional explosion, but mostly they never malfunctioned. Hmmm… :slight_smile:
  3. The teams, once levelled up w skills, were better able to deal w damage than humans. Siphon + Regen + Heal Spray were invaluable.

It took a long time, well into Feb., before the 3 teams were all levelled up, but this was mostly due to the lack of missions w Pandorans. Sometime I will have to record all missions, but I doubt in a month and a half that I had more than 5-6 haven defences. In truth, 3 teams mostly sit around doing nothing. But I wanted to try the 3 teams spread out (ea w a helios + a manticore).

But it was an interesting run.

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Original Op - no change from start
Mutoid Hvy Support: Kaos cannon + Grenade launcher + Neurazer
Close Assault: Kaos Rifle + Kaos Shotgun + Neurazer…dash, ready, close evade, pandoran healing skills + the slasher attack
Assault Support: as above but add in war cry and instill frenzy
Sniper Support: Kaos sniper rifle + Kaos pistol (beyond deadly w a sniper w Quick Aim…two of them brought down a full strength Acheron) + neurazer…armour break + sniper skills + syphon

That was the initial 5-op team. Add in another sniper, another close assault, and an infiltrator to make 8. Sadly there was no Kaos weapon for the infiltrator! :stuck_out_tongue: