Long term damage to weapons

There’s been a bit of discussion recently about weapons being destroyed (sorry I can’t find the thread) and within that there being a possibility to repair weapons.

One thing I’d like to see in relation to this, and perhaps in general is weapons that degrade over time.

For example:

A sniper rifle, newly made would give 100% of its accuracy, APs needed to use, damage potential and fire without error.

  • Over time that same rifle might degrade, and start to lose effectiveness in one or more of those attributes, i.e. 100% > 90% accuracy.
  • If damaged during a mission, that weapon could be repaired or left in its current state, but if used whilst damaged it might develop faults, i.e. a possibility to jam.
  • If destroyed, a weapon could be repaired, but it would be no where near as effective as that same weapon coming fresh off the line.

This would give a chance to recover and reuse damaged or destroyed weaponry, but there would be a cost and a risk involved in doing so.

(As an aside, I’d also like to see soliders gain familiarity with specific weaponry, perhaps becoming more accurate or quicker the longer they use the same weapon).

I would introduce such modifiers if repair was for free. When we spend resources I expect weapon to be brought to its maximum functionality.

…but why

This brings absolutely nothing to the table but frustration.

Because it provides choice and dilemma to the player.

Compared to the current system where weapons are always being outright destroyed; if weapons could be repaired there’s an element of player agency in determining whether or not it’s worth making that repair.

Compared to weapons always being 100% effective, if weapons degrade/don’t repair to full capacity there again is a point at which the player has a choice to make over whether to keep using that weapon, with reduced effectiveness, or to switch to another weapon. (Possibly whilst also taking familiarity into account).

…and also ruin a chance to deploy your team in a fast and effective way, because you will start to compare your 80% rifle with 100% rifle, you will have 10 different (same model, different durability) rifles in your inventory… sounds like fun fun fun.
Weapon durability is fine in RPG when you have a hero or four, and you have one set of weapon to take care… now when you have 40 soldiers on different continents.

Good point.

If you’ve got 40 soldiers on different continents then you’re already, hopefully, spending some time to deploy as you’ll be looking at which of those soliders are most suitable for the mission.

suitable? yes.
But I have my sniper with neuro rifle and my sniper with raw damage.
Got my heavy with Goliath and my heavy with Archangel.

Right now I have to make sure that they are HP and Stamina OK, and click ‘add ammo’ before the mission.
30 seconds check. I don’t wannt to think, should I take my 80%dura Archangel on my mission to Paris, or should I have a pit stop in Berlin to grab 90% one, because the new one will be ready in 24h… that’s a level of micro-management that I am not huge fan of.